A New Day Coming

By Rob Renfroe- Many people were shocked, actually offended, when Dr. Ted Campbell told the World Methodist Conference, “The question at this point is not whether we divide or not. That, I fear, is a given now.” A United Methodist elder and noted history professor at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology, Campbell told […]

Celebrating Growth

By Courtney Lott- Congratulations to Impact Church, Embrace Church, and New Covenant United Methodist Church for ranking among the fastest growing churches in the United States in the latest issue of Outreach Magazine. Impact Church  East Point, Georgia Lead Pastor Olu Brown’s vision for a multicultural gathering of believers has come to pass at Impact […]

Deep Stirring

There is a spiritual stirring within United Methodism. In the midst of chaotic and difficult times for our denomination, there is a simultaneous movement calling for a renewal of our minds and hearts. In addition to the launch of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, we are grateful for ministries seeking to stoke the embers of revival […]

Bill Hybels and the Virtuous Spiral Upward

By Steve Beard- “For 60 minutes I sat in my own personal agony, watching this guy, who was probably only ever going to come to church once. I could viscerally sense him being pushed further and further away from the God that he was interested in, albeit mildly.” That was one of the emotional and […]

Wesleyan Family Reunion

By Sam Hodges- There’s no better place than a World Methodist Conference to witness the scattered seeds and deep roots of John Wesley’s approach to Christianity. Some 2,500 Wesleyan faithful, from 108 countries and 88 communions including The United Methodist Church, met in Houston for the 21st such gathering. “John Wesley said the Methodists are one […]

More than Humanitarians

By Elizabeth Glass-Turner- The brilliance of the World Methodist Conference is still shifting through my mind; light through a suncatcher hanging on a window. The days in Houston were color, sound, faces, laughter, weeping, worship, intensity, frustration, revelation. I met people and forgot names. I met people and remembered names. I saw textiles woven with […]

Why the Wesleyan Covenant Association?

By Bill Arnold- The Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) is a new alliance of congregations, pastors, and laypeople, coming together to enhance and support vibrant, scriptural Christianity within United Methodism. The question for many is why? Why form the WCA? And why now? I have been involved with the WCA since its beginning. My reasons are complicated, […]

We Don’t Actually Believe All That

By Walter Fenton- “How effectively can a church retain the lukewarm or uncertain if it keeps its most controversial teachings while constantly winking to say, ‘Don’t worry, we don’t actually believe all that?’” Although New York Times columnists Ross Douthat wrote the above about the Roman Catholic Church, recent cases involving three United Methodist Church […]

Lesbian Pastor Takes Involuntary Leave

By Heather Hahn- A complaint against the Rev. Cynthia Meyer, a lesbian pastor in Kansas, has ended with her taking an involuntary leave of absence at least until the conclusion of the next General Conference. The resolution, announced August 3, averts a church trial. Under the agreement, Meyer will go on leave starting September 1 […]

Conflict Shifts to Judicial Council

By Thomas Lambrecht- In the aftermath of General Conference, Annual Conferences, and Jurisdictional Conferences that exhibited the conflict between progressive and traditionalist perspectives, the focus of attention now shifts to the upcoming meeting of the Judicial Council. Some of the recent actions taken by annual and jurisdictional conferences are being appealed to the Council, which […]