New Traditional Methodist Denomination

Doctrines and Disciplines

At its 2018 meeting, the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) Global Legislative Assembly authorized the WCA to prepare a draft of a “Book of Doctrines and Discipline” to be used in the event a new traditional Methodist denomination is formed. The WCA Council has reviewed portions of the draft and  other portions are currently being reviewed by the Council and will be released as review is completed. The proposed document is a work in progress; in no way should it be regarded as final. The WCA seeks to serve those who desire to become part of a new Methodist church that upholds the doctrine and ethical teachings of an historic, Wesleyan expression of the Christian faith while reclaiming the qualities of our earlier movement. The formation of such a new Methodist church will occur as the result of a convening conference, which will adopt its structure and polity. The WCA offers this document, including subsequent versions, as a basis for the work of such a convening conference. The Doctrines and Discipline addresses essential elements for the formation of a new church, however, it will be subject to further amendment and editing, ultimately by the convening conference, which will have the final decision on its contents.

Proposed Doctrines and Disciplines of the New Traditional Methodist Denomination

Part Five — Ordained Ministry

Part Seven – Conferences

Part 8 – Connectional Organization

A Mission-Driven Church – outlines the general philosophy behind the proposed structure of a new denomination

Deploying Faithful, Energetic, and Effective Clergy – explains one possible approach to deploying and appointing clergy to serve churches and other ministries

Empowering Laity for a New Methodist Movement – lifts up the essential role of laity in a new denomination

Dedicated, Faithful, and Honorable Leaders  – envisions a redefined office of bishop and a new role for district superintendents, who would be called “presiding elders”

Theological Foundations for Ordination – expresses a renewed and refined theological understanding of ordained ministry and explains how the orders of deacon and elder would fit together

The Ministry of Deacons – examines the understanding of the order of Deacon in the proposed new system of ordination

Licensed Local Pastors in a New Methodist Church – outlines the role and enhanced status of licensed local pastors in the proposed new system of ordination

Atlanta Statement

A group of bishops, clergy, and laity, men and women, African-American, Asian, Caribbean, Caucasian, and Hispanic persons from every U.S. jurisdiction, and three central conferences met to expand and clarify the vision for a future traditional expression of Methodism. In addition to bishops, laity and clergy from the Wesleyan Covenant Association, Good News, the Confessing Movement, the Institute of Religion and Democracy/UM Action, as well as other traditional voices not associated with the renewal groups were present. In a spirit of cooperation with the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation, we join the many conversations occurring as we move toward General Conference. If the 2021 General Conference adopts the Protocol legislation, with one voice and a spirit of humility we intend to form a global Wesleyan movement committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the authority and inspiration of the Scriptures, and the work of the Holy Spirit in conveying God’s truth, grace, renewal, and sanctification to all people who repent and believe. The Atlanta Statement outlines the unfolding, unified vision for a new traditional Methodist church.

Atlanta Statement in English

Atlanta Statement in Lingala

Atlanta Statement in French

Atlanta Statement in Kiswahili 

Atlanta Statement in Spanish


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