Giving Thanks (Even Now)

Giving Thanks (Even Now)

Giving Thanks (Even Now) By Shannon Vowell This is the first Thanksgiving in my adult life when the scripture verse that most accurately describes our collective mood seems to be Matthew 10:34-36. Jesus said, "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth;...

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The Marks of a  Methodist 4: Mission

The Marks of a Methodist 4: Mission

The Marks of a Methodist 4: Mission By Thomas Lambrecht We have been examining what it means to be a Methodist in honor of John Wesley’s tract, The Character of a Methodist, but following a modern version of those ideas in Bishop Gerald Kennedy’s 1960 book, The Marks...

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Methodist Heritage: World Methodist Council 1961

Methodist Heritage: World Methodist Council 1961 Address by Bishop Gerald Kennedy Tenth World Methodist Conference Oslo, Norway August 19, 1961 In the nineteenth century, the English theologian Frederick Dennison Maurice wrote: “I cannot but think that the reformation...

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Judicial Council (Partly) Faces Reality

Judicial Council (Partly) Faces Reality By Thomas Lambrecht In a recent decision, the Judicial Council has partly walked back their earlier resolution that the 2020 General Conference was not cancelled, only postponed. Unfortunately, this walk-back comes too late to...

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Methodist Heritage: New York’s John Street

Methodist Heritage: New York's John Street By Edmund Robb III Good News, January-February 1977 What do a one-eyed army captain, an Irish immigrant, and a distraught woman have in common? They were all part of launching Methodism in New York City. Here’s how it all...

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The Marks of a Methodist 3: Discipline

The Marks of a Methodist 3: Discipline By Thomas Lambrecht This series of articles has been looking at the marks of a Methodist, as expounded by Bishop Gerald Kennedy in 1960. How has the expression of Methodism changed or remained the same in the last 60 years? We...

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For All the Saints …

For All the Saints ... By Scott N. Field In America, Halloween is the second biggest holiday of the year, based on consumer spending. Without a doubt it almost completely overshadows the day from which it derives its name. “Halloween” is the contracted form of “All...

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More “Mainstream” Misrepresentations

More "Mainstream" Misrepresentations By Thomas Lambrecht Last week’s Perspective addressed the arguments made by the “centrist” caucus group Mainstream UMC regarding the need for exit paths to be adopted by the 2024 General Conference. This week, I would like to...

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