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In Regard to the Dakotas-Minnesota alteration

In Regard to the Dakotas-Minnesota alteration

In Regard to the Dakotas-Minnesota alteration April 19, 2024 It has come to our attention that an anonymous person went on the Dakotas UM Annual Conference website and changed an official document to contain alleged misinformation and divisive rhetoric. (Although we...

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Fair for Some, Fair for All

Fair for Some, Fair for All By Simon Mafunda The recent commentary written by Christine Schneider for UM News of March 28 needs to be addressed. It directly responds to a commentary by Rob Renfroe, the president of Good News, who...

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Fondly Remembering Carolyn Elias (1931-2024)

Fondly Remembering Carolyn Elias (1931-2024) The Good News staff and board of directors were saddened to hear of the passing of our longtime friend and treasured colleague, Carolyn Parrish Elias (1931-2024). The Good News Board of directors presented its eighth annual...

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Is a New Disaffiliation Pathway Needed?

  Is a New Disaffiliation Pathway Needed? By Thomas Lambrecht Recently, several articles have come out saying that there are already disaffiliation pathways for annual conferences and local churches, so new pathways do not need to be enacted by the 2024 General...

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Radiant Scars

Radiant Scars By Stephen Seamands The marks of death that God chose never to erase, The wounds of love’s eternal mark, When the kingdom comes, with its perfect sons, He will be known by the scars. –Michael Card As its cover story, the March 27, 2000, issue of Newsweek...

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The Both/And Solution

The Both/And Solution By Thomas Lambrecht A recent article by Jefferson Knight, a Liberia General Conference delegate, crystalizes the “critical decision” (in his words) facing United Methodists in Africa. He sees disaffiliation in Africa as a threat to “disintegrate...

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African Delegates’ Urgent Requests Unanswered

African Delegates' Urgent Requests Unanswered By Thomas Lambrecht We are less than six weeks from the opening session of the 2024 United Methodist General Conference. That is why it is troubling that African delegates continue to be beset with delayed responses from...

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