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Reclaiming the Radiant Vision

Reclaiming the Radiant Vision

By Tara Beth Leach -  Somewhere in the mid-1990s, when I was a new Christian, I came across a popular bronze statue by Dean Kermit Allison. The sculpture was called “Born Again,” and it depicted a man shedding his old self with a bronze layer of skin, and his new self...

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Farewell to a Friend:  Remembering  William J. Abraham

Farewell to a Friend: Remembering William J. Abraham

On Thursday, October 7, United Methodism lost a remarkable scholar who exercised his theological and spiritual gifts with wit and precision. Dr. William J. Abraham was one of the theologian pillars of the church – not just in Methodism, but in broader ecumenical...

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Why I’m Going With The Global Methodist Church

By JJ Mannschreck - Speaking as a young clergy with a (God willing) long career in front of me, I think it’s important for me to explain why some of us are considering going with the Global Methodist Church (GMC). 1. The Definition of Progressive. There’s a lot of...

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A Sufficient Christmas

By B.J. Funk -  Before my mother-in-law left for heaven, she was trapped in her limited body by a debilitating stroke. For five years, she lay motionless in the bed, unable to speak or communicate.  Christmas came. Roy and I traveled from sunny South Georgia to the...

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The Mission Movement in the Post-Soviet Context

By Bishop Eduard Khegay -  I was born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan (former Soviet Union). My ancestors come from an undivided Korea four generation back to the 1860s. I became a Christian in 1992 when I was a student at Moscow State Tech University shortly after...

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Church Exits, Covid Lead To Steep Budget Cuts

By Heather Hahn, UM News - What does a predicted denominational split and an unpredictable pandemic mean for The United Methodist Church’s bottom line? The General Council on Finance and Administration board grappled with that question as members revisited the...

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Planning for a 2022 General Conference

By Heather Hahn, UM News- Organizers are pressing forward with plans to hold what many expect to be a pivotal General Conference in 2022. At the same time, they acknowledge that the pandemic may once again thwart those plans. The Commission on the General Conference...

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Dr. Kevin Watson to Lead Wesley House of Studies

After the unexpected passing of Dr. William J. Abraham, the founding director of the newly launched Wesley House of Studies at Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary, the seminary announced a leadership transition and the establishment of the...

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