Now is the Time

By Katy Kiser- “Now is the time of God’s favor, Now is the day of salvation.” – II Corinthians 6:2 Each year, women come to the national conference of the Celebration Women’s Ministry in Houston seeking to grow in Christ and encounter God’s Spirit. Some seek the assurance of salvation; others need forgiveness or desire […]

Bishops Request Judicial Council Decision

By Thomas Lambrecht- The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church is asking the JudicialCouncil for a declaratory decision on what petitions can be submitted to the denomination’s Special Session of General Conference called for February 2019. The Council of Bishops announced their request in a statement issued this week. “The intent is to resolve […]

Baltimore-Washington Defies Judicial Council

By Thomas Lambrecht- In response to six different annual conference boards of ordained ministry voting in 2016 not to comply with the Book of Discipline’s qualifications for ministry in evaluating candidates, the Judicial Council ruled that “The Board’s examination must include all paragraphs relevant to election of pastoral ministry, including those provisions set forth in paragraphs […]

Tribalizing Methodism

By Scott Kisker- With the 2019 called General Conference looming, it is time to address the risks posed to our United Methodist polity as a peculiar articulation and preserver of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church. The United Methodist Church is set up as a conciliar catholic church – the only one I know of. This […]

The Power of a Transformed Life

By Steve Beard- If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here.” — Saint Paul (II Corinthian 5:17). An essential element of the magnetism of the Christian message is the opportunity for a second chance, a clean slate. When we were kids, it was called a […]

Northwest United Methodist Defiance

By Thomas Lambrecht- United Methodists in the Greater Northwest Area, under the leadership of Bishop Elaine J.W. Stanovsky, have again decided to disregard the letter and spirit of United Methodist Church teachings. Indeed, it seems Stanovsky has gone out of her way to poke the eye of any vestige of church unity during this time […]

Commentary: Now Is the Moment to Debunk the Evangelical Takeover Myth

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – “What we are facing is a classic Evangelical Takeover. We are the Southern Baptist Church, 30 years later. Those behind the Evangelical takeover are well funded, well-organized, and have no interest in taking prisoners.” Those who raise an eyebrow at reading this dire assertion over their morning coffee are not […]

Why the “local option” is not the answer

By Rob Renfroe – Recently a progressive United Methodist pastor said to me, “I don’t understand why you can’t accept the local option. It lets pastors who want to marry gay couples do so. But it doesn’t compel people like you to perform such ceremonies. It allows annual conferences to ordain married homosexuals where that’s […]

Respect or Contempt

By Rob Renfroe- Soon we will know which plan or plans the United Methodist Council of Bishops will recommend to the extraordinary General Conference in St. Louis. In just a matter of months we will learn how the Council proposes to resolve our denomination’s emotional and destructive division over sexual ethics. For over four decades […]

Suffering for the Sake of Christ

By Courtney Lott- Hannah Cho grew up in North Korea, a country where Christians suffer the widest extent of persecution in the world. Along with her husband, Cho was mercilessly tortured for her faith in internment camps. “My mother only taught me one prayer,” she says. “But I still pray it every day for my […]