Billy Graham, Good News, and United Methodism

Wherever he went around the globe, Billy Graham spent his life preaching a message of God’s love for all people, the essential need to repent, and the assurance that Jesus Christ walks with believers in the brightest and darkest of times. Over his illustrious ministry, Graham preached live to more than 80 million people in […]

Big Picture Status of United Methodism (Part 1 – Africa)

By Thomas Lambrecht- We are called Methodists for a reason. John Wesley was very methodical in his approach to discipleship (the means of grace, the General Rules) and revival. He always insisted that small groups be formed of those who responded to his preaching. He insisted that they follow a set process. And he kept […]

A Secular Religion: The Challenge We Face

By Tom Lambrecht- A recent article in the journal First Things by Mary Eberstadt entitled The Zealous Faith of Secularism makes the case that the challenge we face in the United States and the Western World is one of competing faiths or competing ideologies. Christianity faces off against a secularism that has its own dogmas. […]

Tempering Expectations — Dealing with Impatience

By Thomas Lambrecht- It is no surprise that many members of The United Methodist Church are growing impatient. It feels like we have been discussing (if not fighting over) our views regarding the church’s ministry with LGBTQ people for a lifetime. Many hoped that the 2016 General Conference would give clarity to our situation. Instead, […]

Unity or Truth?

By Thomas Lambrecht- Many see the conflict currently raging in The United Methodist Church as a contest between unity and truth. Is it more important to follow what we believe to be the truth or to stay united as a denomination? There are both progressives and conservatives fighting on the basis of allegiance to the truth. […]

Unity’s Catcher’s Mitt

By Rob Renfroe- Imagine that there was a package under your Christmas tree with your name on it. The paper was bright and colorful. The bow was beautiful with just enough glitter that it sparkled in the glow of the lights on the tree. With packaging like that, you could hardly wait to see what […]

From Party Boy to Water Source

Scott Harrison grew up as a “good Christian kid.” His family was happy, until they weren’t. When a carbon monoxide leak in their home destroyed his mother’s immune system, Scott began to take care of everything around the house. At the age of 18 he escaped into music and became a nightclub promoter in New […]

Swimming Against the Stream

The Rev. Jeanne Audrey Powers died while traveling in Switzerland on September 29, 2017. She was 85. The obituary from the Minnesota Annual Conference was on target: “Always on the leading edge of historical shifts in culture, Rev. Powers was a global-level advocate for a more progressive, inclusive faith, focused on inclusive language, relevant liturgies, […]

Wayfinding Home

By Steve Beard For three years, they were ultimately voyaging back home. Along the way, they circumnavigated the globe – without so much as a compass. The crew of the Hokule’a, a 62-foot-long Polynesian sailing canoe, traversed more than 40,000 nautical miles in its epic journey with no engine or modern navigational instruments. Having set […]

Unleashed for Ministry

By Cara Nicklas- I want to see revival in our church. I want to be part of a movement of God. And the church as an institution excites me only in so far as that institution is willing to submit itself to that larger movement of God. Our church is at a crossroads. Some would […]