Regard for the Weak

By Tom Lambrecht – In this time of pandemic and “lockdown,” we are all dealing with new realities that we have never experienced before. As I work from home, I can look out the front window of my house. Half the traffic during the day on our street is delivery trucks (Amazon, FedEx, UPS). Delivery […]

Implications of Postponing General Conference

By Thomas Lambrecht – By now, I am sure you are aware that General Conference has been postponed until sometime in 2021. A date and place for the rescheduled conference has not been announced and may not be for a few weeks. Beyond question, this was the right decision. With the spreading coronavirus making travel […]

The Impact of Social Distancing

By Tom Lambrecht – We have a new phrase in our vocabulary: “social distancing.” In this time of the novel coronavirus, keeping a distance from other people can help stop the spread of the disease. It is ironic to me that this virus has caused an extreme form of what our society has already been […]

Why I Support the Separation Plan

Responses to the proposed plan for separation could hardly be more divergent. Some are shouting “hallelujah” and others are feeling dismissed, even sold out. We need to remember that nothing is final until General Conference has voted. There are several components of the plan I do not like. In particular, I don’t like the perception […]

The Birthdate of Methodism?

By Frank H. Billman – What date would you choose for the birthdate of Methodism? The General Conference of the Methodist Church of England met in 1837 and a committee of preachers and laymen was assembled to put together a celebration of the Centennial, the first hundred years of Methodism. But the first question that […]

The Cross

By Steve Beard – I was in elementary school when I first grasped that the death of Jesus was a big deal. On Good Friday, my mom and dad signed me out of class in time for the noon church service. It was somber and stiff and formal – but I was out of school […]

Thinking Through a Split

By Thomas Lambrecht – The recently announced separation plan called the “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation” has aroused many reactions in and beyond the church. Some are satisfied and even hopeful that the long-running conflict in our church can finally be over and traditional and evangelical United Methodists will be free to pursue […]

Dreams for a New Church

By Chris Ritter – There is good reason to believe that the United Methodist Separation Protocol will be approved early at the 2020 General Conference and today’s United Methodist denomination will give way to two separate churches, each different from anything we have previously known. While it is possible additional options may surface, I believe […]

Spiritual Warfare and Tying up the Strong Man

By David F. Watson – Several years ago a student stopped me in the seminary hallway. “Brother, will you pray for me?” he asked. “I’m under spiritual attack.” I now look back on that day with regret. I didn’t take him seriously. I said something to appease him and went on my way. Spiritual attack? […]

Creation Ex Nihilo and the Power of God

By Beth Felker Jones – “And he showed me more, a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, on the palm of my hand, round like a ball. I looked at it thoughtfully and wondered, ‘What is this?’ And the answer came, ‘It is all that is made.’ I marveled that it continued to exist […]