Seeking Higher Ground: Conversations in the UMC

By Carolyn Moore – As Annual Conference season approaches, conversations are guaranteed to start heating up. Amidst high emotions, Rev. Carolyn Moore, lead pastor of Mosaic Church in Evans, GA, reflects on discussions she would like to see the United Methodist Church having. “Let’s talk Christologically,” Rev. Moore writes. “Does the conversation about the future […]

Conferences Play Hardball with Exiting Churches

By Thomas Lambrecht – Much has been made of the ability of congregations to leave The United Methodist Church with their property through a negotiated settlement with their annual conference. Some bishops are saying that the Book of Discipline already provides an exit path for congregations desiring to leave, and that no further provisions for […]

Encouraging Developments in Northeastern Jurisdiction

By Thomas Lambrecht – The Northeastern Jurisdiction is often thought of as a bastion of progressive thought in United Methodism. It is usually rated as the second most progressive jurisdiction, after the Western Jurisdiction. That is why several developments in the last week are encouraging for evangelical United Methodists there and across the church. Bishop […]

VIDEO: Rob Renfroe takes on bishops who support the “One Church Plan”

Message by the Rev. Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, at the Confessing Movement luncheon of the Texas Annual Conference taking on the bishops who put forth the “One Church” Plan. “It has to be very frustrating for centrists and progressives to come up with an approach that they believe to be very reasonable and […]

Your Tithes and Gifts Are Not Enough

By Thomas Lambrecht- Every Sunday, all around the world, faithful United Methodists give their tithes and gifts to the church. But apparently it’s not enough to secure them a seat to observe the proceedings of one of the most important General Conferences in the church’s history. Just a few months ago the General Council on […]

An Unwilling Undertaking: Happy Aldersgate Weekend

By Chappell Temple – I feel for the guy. For he certainly wasn’t the first fellow ever to go rather begrudgingly–or as he put it, “very unwillingly”– to church. After all, in terms of his pastoral career trajectory, it hadn’t gone exactly as he might have hoped it would so far. The missionary gig, for instance, was […]

Judicial Council Allows Alternative Proposals

By Thomas Lambrecht – In a decision released today, the Judicial Council ruled by an 8-1 margin that “Petitions to the special session of the General Conference 2019 may be filed by any organization, clergy member and lay member of the United Methodist Church as long as the business proposed to be transacted in such […]

Anti-American Methodism: Bishop Ough vs. We the People

By Jason Vickers – In his 1989 landmark work, The Democratization of American Christianity, Nathan Hatch, Professor of history at the University of Notre Dame, examined the spread of Christianity in early America, arguing that the groups that flourished were the ones that were able to fuse Christianity with America’s emerging democratic form of government. […]

Leadership or Manipulation?

By Thomas Lambrecht – The bishops have been asked to lead. Apparently, to some bishops that means strong-arming a progressive agenda that has already been rejected by a previous General Conference. In its recent gathering, the Council of Bishops – behind closed doors – affirmed by a clear majority that it will recommend the One […]

What the Bishops Really Did

By Thomas Lambrecht – Since the Council of Bishops finished their decision-making process on May 4 outlining their proposal for a Way Forward for the church, there has been much confusion. Part of the confusion stems from the careful language used by the bishops in their press release explaining their action. Part of the confusion […]