Share Thanksgiving with an African Methodist Pastor

At World Methodist Evangelism (WME), we desire that Christ followers within the global Wesleyan family would become agents of transformation by sharing the Gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. One way to become a change agent is to address the needs of the current moment. Due to the effects of Covid-19 and an […]

Separation and Self-Determination

By Thomas Lambrecht – One of the values promoted by U.S. foreign policy over the years (and imperfectly adhered to) is the value of self-determination. This is the idea that people ought to be able to determine for themselves their own government and national policies, rather than having them imposed on them by a coercive […]

Understanding the Christmas Covenant

By Thomas Lambrecht – The Connectional Table, our denominational equivalent of a church council for the whole church, recently endorsed the Christmas Covenant, a proposal submitted to the 2020 (now 2021) General Conference by an annual conference in the Philippines. It was written by a diverse group of international delegates and mirrors a similar proposal submitted by […]

Choose Kindness

By Rob Renfroe – It’s not news that our country was divided before the election. It’s not news that our country will continue to be divided after the election. And, hopefully, it is not news to you that this nation desperately needs the people of God to model a different, better way forward. The world […]

Doing Something New is hard in the Best of Times

By Walter Fenton – Most United Methodists are now familiar with the “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation,” a detailed plan calling for an amicable division of the church. It garnered the support of bishops in Africa, Eurasia, the Philippines, and the U.S., including that of Bishop Cynthia Harvey, President of the Council of […]

Brokenness, Burgers, and Redemption

By Steve Beard – At the height of the government mandated lockdown earlier this year, Kraft Heinz factories were operating around the clock in order to meet the demand for macaroni and cheese. According to the New York Times, retailers at the same time saw a 50 percent increase in demand for Slim Jim beef […]

God is in Control, Even When You’re Not

By Nik Wallenda – When I was growing up, my family had a small wire strung across our backyard. It’s the one I first walked when I was two. It’s the one that my mother and father patiently instructed me on, teaching me the mechanics and movements of the Wallenda family. I remember falling off […]

The Long Wait in Hope

By Shannon Vowell – The darkest part of the year sets the stage for our annual celebration of the Light of the world, dawning. “Earth stands hard as iron,” the beloved carol keens, “water like a stone.” But the baby is born, nonetheless. And the heavens split open with ecstatic jubilation. And the humble ones […]

Groundbreaking Steps for Methodist Radio in Nigeria

By the Rev. Ande I. Emmanuel and Micah Terah –  Nigeria Area Bishop John Wesley Yohanna helped lay the foundation for Grace Radio, a new United Methodist radio station in Taraba State. The bishop, clergy, church members, and others attended a groundbreaking ceremony at the denomination’s headquarters in Jalingo on September 18. “The mission of […]

What is the Transitional Leadership Council?

-The Wesleyan Covenant Association Earlier this year, when a group of United Methodist leaders shared a proposal for an amicable separation of the UM Church, it seems fair to say most United Methodists greeted the news with a mix of sadness and relief. Led by the late Bishop John Yambasu, the 16 member mediation team […]

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