Merely Lewis

By Philip Tallon On November 22, 1963, the world’s foremost Christian apologist died of kidney failure. Despite his literary fame, in the following week’s newspapers, his death was overshadowed by the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and received little notice. The New York Times made up for the oversight and published an obituary three days […]

Two Roads Diverged

By Tom Lambrecht- With apologies to Robert Frost, one of my favorite poets, he describes the current situation in The United Methodist Church in his poem, The Road Not Taken: “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood.” Two roads are diverging within United Methodism today, and we can see the impact of that divergence in […]

Remembering to pray

By Michael Yaconelli Children tell God what they are genuinely thinking. They are honest, simple, and direct. They understand that God is listening, and they understand that prayers are very important. Somehow when we become adults, we forget how important praying is. So if you and I are going to be like little children, we […]

Let’s Make a Deal, #UMC Style

Dr. David Watson, academic dean at United Theological Seminary, has provided thorough analysis of the interim report sent to the Council of Bishops from the Commission on the Way Forward. He offers an assessment of each of the three plans given to the bishops for consideration at the special called 2019 General Conference in St. […]

The Ministry of Transformation

By Garry Ingraham- In the Gospel of John, Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus was spelling out his earthly purpose in contrast to the work of the spiritual darkness of “the thief” who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Unfortunately, […]

Bishops consider 3 models for church future

By Heather Hahn, United Methodist News Service United Methodist bishops are exploring three possible models for how the church should handle LGBTQ inclusion. The models come to the bishops from the Commission on a Way Forward, which has the task of trying to find a way for the church to stay together despite deep divides […]

Oliveto preaches an opening sermon before Council of Bishops

According to reporting from Heather Hahn (UMNS), United Methodist bishops find themselves “off the map” as they try to navigate a way forward through the church’s impasse over homosexuality, said Bishop Bruce R. Ough of the Dakotas-Minnesota area. “There is currently no larger or intractable barrier to the mission, unity and vitality of The United […]

Judicial Council Maintains Status Quo on Church Law

By Thomas Lambrecht- The latest rulings by the Judicial Council illustrate that the impasse in our denomination over theological disagreements and the question of LGBTQ inclusion cannot be resolved by the church legal process. Church’s Teaching Still Constitutional In the most blatant challenge to The United Methodist Church’s teaching that “the practice of homosexuality is […]

Opinion: The temptations of division and unity

– By Donald W. Haynes The 21st century infighting about marriage, sexuality, and the Christian faith are obviating the relatively unrelated mistakes of the 20th century. That is the century when we lost membership and attendance inside the institutional church, and muscle at the “table of the public square.” Either cobbling together some modicum of […]

The Place of Conscience

By Thomas Lambrecht- That old saying from our parents, “let conscience be your guide,” is foremost in the debate over ministry with LGBTQ persons. Some cannot in good conscience go against what they believe Scripture teaches about the sinfulness of same-sex practices. Others cannot in good conscience go against what they believe Scripture teaches about […]