I Confess: I Don’t Understand

By Rob Renfroe – I remain confounded as to why the majority of bishops would endorse “The “One Church Plan” as a way to unify the denomination. In a previous editorial, I suggested that one reason is they do not comprehend who we evangelicals are, what we believe, and how deeply we hold those beliefs. […]

Welcome for the Weak

By Courtney Lott – The first time my friend’s son met my eyes and asked me my name, I almost broke down into an ugly cry in the church foyer. He was around ten-years-old at the time and is autistic. Before I got to know this young man, before I taught him and his siblings […]

Pacific Northwest Continues Defiance

By Thomas Lambrecht – In a previous blog I reported that the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference would have an openly married lesbian as a district superintendent. At its recent session, Bishop Elaine Stanovsky ordained as a Deacon a woman who is married to another woman. On June 25, Rachel Neer was ordained as a Deacon in […]

Encouraging Developments in Northeastern Jurisdiction

By Thomas Lambrecht – The Northeastern Jurisdiction is often thought of as a bastion of progressive thought in United Methodism. It is usually rated as the second most progressive jurisdiction, after the Western Jurisdiction. That is why several developments in the last week are encouraging for evangelical United Methodists there and across the church. Bishop […]

VIDEO: Rob Renfroe takes on bishops who support the “One Church Plan”

Message by the Rev. Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, at the Confessing Movement luncheon of the Texas Annual Conference taking on the bishops who put forth the “One Church” Plan. “It has to be very frustrating for centrists and progressives to come up with an approach that they believe to be very reasonable and […]

Controversy over Results on UM Constitutional Amendments

By Thomas Lambrecht- On Monday, May 7, the Council of Bishops announced [link] that two of the five amendments to the United Methodist Constitution approved by the 2016 General Conference were defeated by the votes of the annual conferences. In order to amend the Constitution, it takes approval by two-thirds of the General Conference delegates […]

Good News Statement on the Council of Bishops Decision

May 4, 2018 – This afternoon, the United Methodist Council of Bishops announced that it will submit a report to the special 2019 General Conference that contains all three plans for a way forward considered by the bishops and the Commission on a Way Forward. This will include the Traditionalist Plan, the One Church Plan, […]

Why the “local option” is not the answer

By Rob Renfroe – Recently a progressive United Methodist pastor said to me, “I don’t understand why you can’t accept the local option. It lets pastors who want to marry gay couples do so. But it doesn’t compel people like you to perform such ceremonies. It allows annual conferences to ordain married homosexuals where that’s […]

Remember Good News Today

          Today is #GivingTuesday. This is a great reminder that we find our most fulfillment in giving to others. Giving is a way to say “Thank you” to the God who gives us all things. We invite you to remember Good News with a gift today. Click HERE. For 50 years, […]

Confronting racism and violence

“To our shame, overt racism is becoming more acceptable in American culture today,” writes Bishop Scott Jones, the United Methodist episcopal leader of the Texas Annual Conference, in his recent pastoral letter. “It is a deep affront to the Greatest Generation that their sacrifice in defeating racist, anti-Semitic Nazism is no longer respected. When Nazi […]

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