How We Open Our Hearts to God

By Coretta Scott King (1927-2006) – Throughout the epic freedom struggle of African Americans, our great sustainer of hope has been the power of prayer. We prayed for deliverance in a dozen African languages, chained to the holds of slave ships, on the auction block, in the fields of oppression, and under the lash. We […]

Reformed Church in America begins amiable separation

By Thomas Lambrecht In October 2021, after 16 months of Covid-related delay, the General Synod of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) adopted a plan to allow traditionalist congregations to disaffiliate over the church’s gridlock over LGBTQ ordination and same-sex marriage. That plan has now given rise to a new, theologically conservative denomination called the Alliance […]

Better Together: Embodied Community

By Thomas Lambrecht The slogan “We Are Better Together” has been used for everything from a political campaign to the headline for efforts to keep The United Methodist Church from separating. Efforts to promote greater unity in our country deserve support. After all, this is the only country we have, and we need to learn […]

VIDEO: Rob Renfroe addresses the future of the Methodism.

  Click HERE to watch the Rev. Rob Renfroe, president of Good News, address the anticipated 2022 General Conference, the Protocol of Separation, and the Global Methodist Church.

Mary’s Devoted Heart 

By Dick McClain Growing up, I don’t recall having heard a sermon on Mary, the mother of Jesus. She did get dusted off every December for the Christmas pageant. But apart from her annual appearance reincarnated in the form of a budding young thespian, she hardly existed. Perhaps the folks in my evangelical Protestant circle […]

Iowa Cabinet Jumps the Gun

By Thomas Lambrecht In the sport of track, races are often set off by the firing of a starter’s gun. Racers who cross the starting line and begin the race before the gun fires are said to have “jumped the gun.” That is exactly what the Iowa Appointive Cabinet has done by issuing its statement, […]

A Time to Prepare

  By Thomas Lambrecht – In the church calendar, the Advent season – the four weeks leading up to Christmas – are set aside as a time of preparation for the celebration of Christ’s birth. The idea is taken from Isaiah 40:3, “A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the […]

Boundaries of the Faith

By Thomas Lambrecht — I recently read a diagnosis that said many of the ills in today’s society can be traced to the blurring or ignoring of boundaries. That same diagnosis can serve to describe much of what ails The United Methodist Church. Boundaries in Doctrine John Wesley was clear from the beginning that clear […]

Life Vests and Torpedoes

By Steve Beard – Some of the most emotional moments broadcast on television are when deployed military parents return unexpectedly to surprise their kids coming home from school, during a musical recital, or at a graduation. Sheer joy boils over and you can almost feel the tight squeeze of the bear hugs. Tears of happiness […]

Finding (Another) Way Forward

  By Thomas Lambrecht Since the 2016 General Conference, The United Methodist Church has been trying to find a way to resolve our differences that can be supported by a majority of the denomination. The Commission on a Way Forward was set up to bring recommendations to a special General Conference in 2019. Unfortunately, the […]

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