Options for Clergy under the Protocol

By Thomas Lambrecht – As might be expected, the proposed adoption of the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation by the 2022 General Conference has provoked anxiety among clergy wanting to understand its implications for their future service in the church. This article aims to bring clarity to the multiple options clergy will face […]

Farewell to a Friend: Remembering William J. Abraham

On Thursday, October 7, United Methodism lost a remarkable scholar who exercised his theological and spiritual gifts with wit and precision. Dr. William J. Abraham was one of the theologian pillars of the church – not just in Methodism, but in broader ecumenical circles, as well. He was a herculean force for traditional Wesleyan theology […]

Pro-Life Logic

  By Thomas Lambrecht – Controversy is ramping up over abortion, as several states have passed more restrictive laws and some are contemplating the possibility that the Supreme Court might reverse the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. The proposed new Global Methodist Church is unequivocal in support of a pro-life position. How are we to […]

Is the Protocol Constitutional?

By Thomas Lambrecht  – The Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation provides a way for amicable separation to resolve The United Methodist Church’s conflict over the authority and interpretation of Scripture, particularly related to ministry to and with LGBT persons. Some within the institution of United Methodism are fighting tooth and nail to prevent […]

How to Have a Virtual General Conference

By Thomas Lambrecht  – More concerns have been raised recently about the possibility of having a normal, in-person General Conference in August 2022. The sluggish vaccination process in Africa (I am not sure about the Philippines) means that many delegates have not yet been vaccinated. Vaccination is likely to be required for entry into the […]

The Structure of Things

By Thomas Lambrecht- As Christians, we believe God created the universe. He created it with a certain structure. That structure is reflected in the physical universe – what we call the laws of physics (and biology). He also created the universe with a certain moral and spiritual structure – what we call the moral law […]

Distinctions, Differences, and the Future of Methodism

By Thomas Lambrecht What will the proposed new Global Methodist Church look like? How will it operate? In what ways will it be different from what we have been accustomed to in The United Methodist Church? These questions weigh on the minds of people who are thinking about the option of aligning with the GM […]

If They Do These Things Now

By Rob Renfroe – Not long ago I spoke via Zoom to the Zimbabwe General Conference delegation. They have asked several persons representing all theological views to talk to them about the future of the United Methodist Church. The man who spoke before I did would classify himself as a “centrist” with progressive leanings. He’s […]

The Spirituality of Work

By Thomas Lambrecht –  Labor Day is a holiday in honor of work. Too often, Christians have adopted a secular understanding of work. We view it either as drudgery or as an idol to which we devote all our time and energy. But work is a spiritual endeavor. We are to approach our work as […]

Mt. Bethel UM Church and North Georgia Conference Remain at an Impasse

Statement from Mt. Bethel UM Church, Marietta, Georgia: The Mt. Bethel members authorized by the church’s Administrative Council to mediate, along with legal counsel, met [August 28, 2021] in good faith with legal representatives of the North Georgia Annual Conference (NGAC) in a professionally mediated session.   The representatives of Mt. Bethel were there endeavoring […]

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