Where do We go from Here?

By Rob Renfroe – General Conference 2019 is over. Thank God! Many of us feared, even predicted, that when we gathered in St. Louis, we would experience the most hurtful and harmful General Conference in the history of the United Methodist Church. Sadly, our fears were realized. The delegates affirmed a Traditional Plan that maintains […]

The Faith Found in Africa

By Jerry P. Kulah – My dear brothers and sisters of The United Methodist Church from all around the world, I humbly greet you in the strong name of Jesus Christ! We thank God for all who have participated in observing a sacred season of fasting and prayer as we have prepared for this special […]

Witness to Resurrection

By Maggie Ulmer – During our visits to Venice Beach, my mother would sit high on the shore line with my sister and me and dig a shallow hole; soon enough the ocean would fill the hole with sea water and leave behind a tide pool filled with small Pacific creatures. She would point out […]