The Cross

By Steve Beard – I was in elementary school when I first grasped that the death of Jesus was a big deal. On Good Friday, my mom and dad signed me out of class in time for the noon church service. It was somber and stiff and formal – but I was out of school […]

Spiritual Warfare and Tying up the Strong Man

By David F. Watson – Several years ago a student stopped me in the seminary hallway. “Brother, will you pray for me?” he asked. “I’m under spiritual attack.” I now look back on that day with regret. I didn’t take him seriously. I said something to appease him and went on my way. Spiritual attack? […]

Lessons from the Wesleyan Revival

By Winfield Bevins – On a recent trip to England, I visited several of the historic sites of the Wesleyan revival with a friend. One of the places we visited was City Road Chapel in London, founded in 1778 by John Wesley. We toured the chapel and walked around Wesley’s home. Later, we paused and […]