United Methodist Traditionalists, Centrists, Progressives & Bishops sign agreement aimed at separation

United Methodist Council of Bishops – A diverse group of representatives from United Methodist advocacy groups with contrasting views and bishops from around the world has collaborated on a proposed agreement for the separation of The United Methodist Church (UMC) that has the unanimous support of all the parties involved.The agreement, the Protocol of Reconciliation & […]

Diverse leaders’ group offers separation plan

By Sam Hodges, UMNS – A diverse, 16-member group of United Methodist bishops and other leaders has offered a proposal that would preserve The United Methodist Church while allowing traditionalist-minded congregations to form a new denomination. The separating group would get $25 million in United Methodist funds and would keep its local church properties. Details […]

Key Bishops and Advocacy Group Leaders Propose Plan of Separation

By Walter Fenton, Wesleyan Covenant Association – Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey presides at the 2019 General Conference. Bishop Harvey is the Council of Bishops’ president-elect and she is one of the 16 signatories of the protocol agreement. Photo credit Council of Bishops file photo. A prominent group of 16 United Methodists released a detailed proposal […]