Is It Time for the Itinerancy to Go?

By Donald W. Haynes- In today’s ecumenical religious environment, the current model of United Methodist itinerancy has become more a liability than an asset. Here are a few reasons. • With over 60 percent of current United Methodists having come from other communions, the itinerancy system is foreign to many of our members. • Given […]

Joining Hands After the Rain

By Kathy Gilbert- After the deluge come the blessings. And four United Methodist pastors in Lafayette, Louisiana, are standing ready to pour those blessings back into their recovering communities. South Louisiana was hit by 6 trillion gallons of rainwater during August 11-13. “Rain started on Thursday evening, and Friday it kept raining, and Saturday it […]

Accepting the Inexplicable

By Frank Decker- I enjoy engaging in candid, truth-seeking conversations, especially with persons from other religious backgrounds. Recently I gave a ride to a congenial young Muslim man whom I learned was preparing to become an imam. On the way we had an interesting discussion, which turned to a passage in the Qur’an often translated […]

Brains, Brawn, and a Can of Spinach

By B.J. Funk- Where is Popeye the Sailor Man and his can of spinach when The United Methodist Church needs him? In the good ol’ days of Methodism’s beginning, our church didn’t need to look for extra strength. We were strong. We had Popeye’s brains and brawn as a growing community of like-minded orthodox Christians. […]