United Methodists with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries gathered in Lexington, Kentucky, for their July event. Photo by Steve Beard.

United Methodists with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries gathered in Lexington, Kentucky, for their July event. Photo by Steve Beard.

There is a spiritual stirring within United Methodism. In the midst of chaotic and difficult times for our denomination, there is a simultaneous movement calling for a renewal of our minds and hearts. In addition to the launch of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, we are grateful for ministries seeking to stoke the embers of revival within United Methodism.

In July, more than a thousand United Methodists involved with Aldersgate Renewal Ministries gathered at their National Conference on Spirit Filled Living in Lexington, Kentucky. In addition to energetic plenary sessions, the conference has played host to seminars on topics such as Discerning the Voice of God, Spiritual Healing in a Local Congregation, Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Miracles, Raising the Dead throughout History and Today, Celebrating God in the Dance, and The Supernatural Thread in Methodism.

“The Aldersgate renewal movement gives me hope for the future of Methodism in North America,” says Dr. David Watson, academic dean and professor at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. “Every year we gather together in one place to worship God, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and build one another up in the faith. It is one of the most life-giving things I have ever been a part of. They also have training and renewal programs for local churches to assist them in discerning and receiving the work of the Spirit. Whatever else is going on in The United Methodist Church, ARM helps me to keep the main thing – our salvation in Jesus Christ – the main thing.”

In September, more than 1,500 brothers and sisters attended Seedbed’s New Room Conference in Franklin, Tennessee. It was a great time to join our hearts with other Wesleyans across denominational spectrums that want to see revival in our nation and around the world. God was at work! There is a stirring in the hearts and minds of United Methodists for a fresh touch from heaven.

“New Room has created quite a problem for itself,” observed the Rev. Elizabeth Glass Turner, Associate Director of World Methodist Evangelism. “The second year of its existence, New Room’s attendees were twice the number of its inauguration. This year, it doubled in size again. What was it Jesus said about the Kingdom of God being like yeast? Because the bread of New Room is rising. Sowing for a great awakening, indeed.”

The breakout sessions put a whole new spin on Family Discipleship, Freedom in Christ, John Wesley on the New Birth, How to Reach the Unreachable, Welcoming the Holy Spirit, Healing Sexuality, Lay Mobilization, The Power of Prayer, Global Missions, Participating in the Great Awakening, Faith Formation in a Postmodern World, Sharing the Gospel in a Skeptical Age, Finding Meaning in Your Calling, the Future of American Methodism, and Increasing Your Church’s Missional Outreach.

Pray for revival.

–Good News


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