Protocol on Track

As we begin a new year, I know many United Methodists are wondering, “Where do things stand regarding the protocol for separating the church? Is it still on track? Why haven’t we heard much about it lately?”  The Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace through Separation was created by a sixteen-member panel of leading traditionalists, centrists, […]

Progressives Launch Denomination

By Heather Hahn – A group of progressive United Methodists and other Christians launched a new denomination named the Liberation Methodist Connexion, or LMX. The new church aims to center on the voices of people of color as well as queer and transgender individuals — those the LMX organizers see as marginalized in The United […]

The Joy of Providing Food

By Jim Patterson – Potatoes connect former NFL player Jason Brown and part-time nurse and mother-of-four Lindsey Whitley, though they don’t know each other. Whitley’s home in Indian Trail, North Carolina, is about 200 miles from Brown’s farm in Louisburg. Potatoes from Brown’s 1,000-acre North Carolina property end up as potato soup on the Whitley […]

National Treasure

By Steve Beard – I spent the holidays with Dolly Parton.  Well, not literally. Like everything else in 2020, it was all virtual – and it was a whirlwind.  Throughout her rhinestone-studded career, Dolly has sold over 100 million albums, starred in countless movies and TV specials, launched an extraordinary book-gifting program, opened a theme […]

Creating in Chaos

By Jessica LaGrone – 2020 was a mess.  It was a global health mess, an economic mess, a political mess. It messed up our events, our holidays, our plans, and our lives. Some lives were certainly more devastated than others, whether by illness or grief or financial devastation, but most people are emerging from 2020 […]

The Zacchaeus Surprise

By Scott Sauls – To the surprise of many, Jesus gave special, affirmational attention to the man Zacchaeus, who is identified in scripture as a chief tax collector (Luke 19:1-10). Because of his role as tax collector for the Roman treasury, Zacchaeus would have been hated by the members of his community. Tax collectors, and […]

The Indecency of Hope

By Elizabeth Glass Turner –  There are two kinds of propaganda: the true and the false. Propaganda is a charged word, evoking a range of associations depending on your nationality or job. Marketing professionals may harbor fondness for it; historians, less so. But people from a variety of studies will object to the assertion that […]

General Conference Options

By Thomas Lambrecht As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ramp up across the U.S. and around the world, church leaders are thinking once again of General Conference, scheduled for August 29-September 7, 2021, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are rumors floating around that General Conference is going to be postponed again. Those rumors are not correct. […]

Water is Life

Photography by Mike DuBose, story by Kathy L. Gilbert – “Water is life,” the women sing. At 4:30 a.m., it is pitch black in the village of Mzira in Malawi – a nation wedged between Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania. In the early morning sky, the Southern Cross and the Big Dipper look bright enough to […]

Don’t Take My Word for It: Read Wesley Yourself

By Jason Vickers In his splendid introduction to St. Athanasius’ On the Incarnation, C. S. Lewis observed that people often think that older books or primary sources are more difficult to understand than secondary works written by reputable scholars. “This mistaken preference for the modern books,” he said, “is nowhere more rampant than in theology.” […]

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