Engaging Adam Hamilton’s Approach to the Bible

By Teddy Ray – “The Bible does not work according to the, ‘The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it’ formula. Instead, we must read its words in the light of their historical context, try to understand why the authors wrote what they wrote, and read its less humane verses (calls for vengeance, […]

An Open Letter Response to James Howell

By Thomas Lambrecht – Dear Dr. Howell, A friend called my attention to the video you posted on YouTube for your congregation. I believe you to be an informed and thoughtful person, which makes your gross misrepresentation of the Traditional Plan and those who support it appear to be not just a mistake but a purposeful mischaracterization […]

The Rise of the Moderate Incompatibilists

By Thomas Lambrecht – When the Committee on a Way Forward was first established, I floated a way of categorizing various perspectives regarding United Methodism’s view of marriage and sexuality. In these categories, “traditional incompatibilists” and “progressive incompatibilists” could not live in a denomination that allowed practices they disagree with. On the other hand, “traditional […]

Doing General Conference Math

By Thomas Lambrecht – Supporters of the One Church Plan are considering a number of options in the wake of the decision by the 2019 General Conference to adopt the Traditional Plan. One of those options is to come back in 2020 to the General Conference in Minneapolis and attempt to reverse the result, adopting […]

Two Questions from St. Louis

By Tom Lambrecht – In the aftermath of the special called General Conference in St. Louis, there are two questions that could point to possible misunderstandings of its outcome. 1)     Was the decision to affirm the church’s current position on LGBTQ ministry an answer to prayer? The 2019 General Conference was the object of more prayer […]

What REALLY Happened in St. Louis (Part 2)

By Thomas Lambrecht – In the last Perspective, there was a report on what actually passed the special called General Conference in St. Louis, including what the Judicial Council will probably rule as constitutional and therefore able to be implemented. This Perspective offers a behind the scenes look at how some of the proponents of the One […]

What REALLY Happened in St. Louis (Part 1)

By Thomas Lambrecht – The United Methodist Church has just finished four days of wrenching deliberation at the special called General Conference February 23-26. The conference demonstrated a deeply divided church — something that was readily apparent before we ever arrived in St. Louis. The vitriolic conflict that characterized the proceedings inflicted pain on persons […]

Is Mainstream Selling Us Downstream?

By Chappell Temple – I’ve been getting their emails and letters almost every day, so it seems. In preparation for the upcoming General Conference of The United Methodist Church in St. Louis, a group advocating for one of the plans being proposed has been more than “methodical” about getting their message out. The problem is, […]

Revival and revisiting barrenness

– By Stephen Seamands “Sing, O barren one who did not bear; burst into song and shout you who have not been in labor … The children of the desolate woman will be more than the children of her that is married … Enlarge the site of your tent … do not hold back; lengthen […]

Are Traditionalists Only a Small Group Within the Denomination?

By Thomas Lambrecht – Recent communications from proponents of the One Church Plan have attempted to portray traditionalists and evangelicals as a small group within The United Methodist Church seeking to divide the denomination. In 2016, moderate leaders suggested that maybe 10-20 percent of the church is progressive and 10-20 percent is conservative, but the […]