At the Center of What?

By Walter Fenton- In his recent respectful, but critical appraisal of so-called United Methodist “centrism,” Dr. Kevin Watson, Assistant Professor of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies at Candler School of Theology, says he has “no idea to what extent [the Rev. Adam] Hamilton desires to be seen as a leader of… the United Methodist Centrist Movement.” […]

Overcoming Hatred and Fear

By Bishop Sharma Lewis- Brothers & Sisters: As we continue to process the disturbing events from Charlottesville, Virginia, we need to turn to God for understanding, guidance, and strength in our next steps. As Christians and United Methodists, we are to act. Hatred of any kind, including racism, is intolerable. As faithful people, we are […]

The Risk of Renewal

By Riley B. Case- When Charles Keysor wrote his article “Methodism’s Silent Minority” in the Christian Advocate in 1966, an article that basically launched the Good News movement, he spoke about numbers of Methodists who affirmed historic Methodism and were faithful and active in their local churches but were basically unrecognized and unappreciated in the […]

Local UM Churches Respond to Harvey and Prepare for Irma

By Walter B. Fenton Local United Methodist churches across the country have rushed to support people trying to get back on their feet after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. And they are already preparing to assist those in the path of Hurricane Irma. Along the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico, teams of United […]

In All Things

By Walter B. Fenton Surely the psalmist was using flood in a metaphorical sense when he cried out, “Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and the flood sweeps over me” (69:1-2). But […]

Stonewalling in the West

Before publishing the following commentary regarding complaints filed against Bishop Karen Olevito, Good News reached out to Bishop Grant Hagiya, president of the Western Jurisdiction’s College of Bishops. We asked him if “there [was] any information regarding this matter that [he] could share with us so we can include it in the article? What is […]

Wesley and Schism

By Walter Fenton- Dr. Scott Kisker’s recent essay on John Wesley, Methodism, and schism begins as so many often do. He quotes from Wesley’s famous sermon On Schism: “It is evil itself.” But just when we think Kisker is setting us up for another lecture on schism’s evils, his piece takes a different and refreshing turn. […]

Orthodoxy and Ethics

By Walter Fenton- James K. A. Smith, professor of philosophy at Calvin College, has recently sparked a healthy conversation about how the word “orthodox” (literally, “right belief”) is used these days, particularly when it is interjected into the volatile conversation regarding the church’s sexual ethics. Among several thoughtful responses, Derek Rishmawy, a doctoral student in […]

Litigious Progressives

By Walter Fenton- In yet another bid to overturn The United Methodist Church’s sexual ethics, the Denmark and California-Pacific annual conferences are asking the Judicial Council to rule out of order a key provision in the Book of Discipline. According to motions approved by the two regional bodies, the 1972 General Conference delegates violated the church’s […]

Closer to a Way Forward

By Rev. Thomas Lambrecht-           Last week the Bishops’ Commission on a Way Forward for the Church held its fourth face-to-face meeting. With nine total meetings scheduled, we are still not even halfway to the end of our process. We are aware that this process is taking more time and thought […]