What’s in the Traditional Plan?

By Thomas Lambrecht – The report of the Commission on a Way Forward and the legislative proposals for the three plans they developed are now posted publicly on the Judicial Council website. In the interest of helping facilitate discussion and consideration of the three main proposals that will be voted upon at the special General […]

What’s In the One Church Plan?

By Thomas Lambrecht – In light of the delay in releasing the report of the Commission on a Way Forward, and in the interest of helping facilitate discussion and consideration of the three main proposals that will be voted upon at the special General Conference next February, I will be sharing the elements involved in […]

Bishops Change Call for General Conference; Commission Report Release Delayed

By Thomas Lambrecht – In a press release issued Monday (July 9), the Council of Bishops announced it is changing the call for the special General Conference to be held in St. Louis in February 2019. This change is a technical correction based on the recent Judicial Council decision that allowed other petitions to be submitted […]

Complaints Filed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions

By Thomas Lambrecht – Many United Methodists were surprised to learn that it is possible to file complaints against a lay member of the church for disobedience to the Discipline, a course of action that could lead to a church trial for a lay member. On June 18, more than 600 United Methodist clergy and […]

Pacific Northwest Continues Defiance

By Thomas Lambrecht – In a previous blog I reported that the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference would have an openly married lesbian as a district superintendent. At its recent session, Bishop Elaine Stanovsky ordained as a Deacon a woman who is married to another woman. On June 25, Rachel Neer was ordained as a Deacon in […]

The Limits of Methodism

By Thomas Lambrecht – It is refreshing to discover that, for at least one very progressive bishop, there is a limit to how progressive a church can be before it ceases to be Methodist. Bishop Minerva Carcaño of the California-Nevada Annual Conference has been in the news for the last several weeks because of her […]

Finding a Faithful Way Forward

By Thomas Lambrecht – “Here we are today, unable to face the reality of a deeply divided church that can no longer function in a healthy way in unity. And we are unable to consider an option that graciously and respectfully allows congregations and clergy to go their separate ways to pursue ministry that they […]

Conferences Play Hardball with Exiting Churches

By Thomas Lambrecht – Much has been made of the ability of congregations to leave The United Methodist Church with their property through a negotiated settlement with their annual conference. Some bishops are saying that the Book of Discipline already provides an exit path for congregations desiring to leave, and that no further provisions for […]

Encouraging Developments in Northeastern Jurisdiction

By Thomas Lambrecht – The Northeastern Jurisdiction is often thought of as a bastion of progressive thought in United Methodism. It is usually rated as the second most progressive jurisdiction, after the Western Jurisdiction. That is why several developments in the last week are encouraging for evangelical United Methodists there and across the church. Bishop […]

Your Tithes and Gifts Are Not Enough

By Thomas Lambrecht- Every Sunday, all around the world, faithful United Methodists give their tithes and gifts to the church. But apparently it’s not enough to secure them a seat to observe the proceedings of one of the most important General Conferences in the church’s history. Just a few months ago the General Council on […]