Big Picture Status of United Methodism (Part 1 – Africa)

By Thomas Lambrecht- We are called Methodists for a reason. John Wesley was very methodical in his approach to discipleship (the means of grace, the General Rules) and revival. He always insisted that small groups be formed of those who responded to his preaching. He insisted that they follow a set process. And he kept […]

A Secular Religion: The Challenge We Face

By Tom Lambrecht- A recent article in the journal First Things by Mary Eberstadt entitled The Zealous Faith of Secularism makes the case that the challenge we face in the United States and the Western World is one of competing faiths or competing ideologies. Christianity faces off against a secularism that has its own dogmas. […]

Tempering Expectations — Dealing with Impatience

By Thomas Lambrecht- It is no surprise that many members of The United Methodist Church are growing impatient. It feels like we have been discussing (if not fighting over) our views regarding the church’s ministry with LGBTQ people for a lifetime. Many hoped that the 2016 General Conference would give clarity to our situation. Instead, […]

Unity or Truth?

By Thomas Lambrecht- Many see the conflict currently raging in The United Methodist Church as a contest between unity and truth. Is it more important to follow what we believe to be the truth or to stay united as a denomination? There are both progressives and conservatives fighting on the basis of allegiance to the truth. […]

Mennonites Divide Over Sexuality

  By Thomas Lambrecht- The Lancaster Mennonite Conference, largest of the Mennonite Church’s 25 conferences, has ended its 46-year affiliation with America’s top Anabaptist denomination. According to stories in Christianity Today and Mennonite World Review, this decision was more than two years in the making. In 2015 the Lancaster Conference’s churches were encouraged to enter into a time of […]

A New Year Leading to a New Day

By Rod Renfroe- It’s a new year. But will it be a new day for the people called Methodist? That’s the question many of us are asking as we look forward to a year that will be instrumental in determining the future of The United Methodist Church. The called General Conference to discuss the bishops’ […]

God’s Christmas Gift of Love

In a recent sermon, the Rev. Rob Renfroe reconnects us with the true meaning of Christmas, originating in God’s love. “Whatever you have done, God is for you. Wherever you have wandered, God is with you. However you struggle, God understands you. Whatever you feel inside: guilt, shame, whatever, God loves you. And when he […]

Delegate Number Set for 2020 General Conference

By Thomas Lambrecht  While we are preparing for the 2019 special called General Conference in St. Louis, it is important to remember that United Methodism will hold its regular General Conference in 2020, just 15 months later. Just released publicly is the number of delegates assigned to each of the jurisdictions in the U.S. and […]

UMW Decline Continues

By Thomas Lambrecht- The latest statistics on United Methodist Women’s membership for 2016 reveal a steady slide in local UMW participation. These numbers are reported by the General Council on Finance and Administration and are based on the yearly information that all local churches are required to submit. Over the last nine years, The United […]

A Christian Response to Sexual Harassment

By Thomas Lambrecht- It has been alarming to read and hear the steady drumbeat of new allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by leaders and other powerful men in our country. A small ripple has become a tidal wave of reports, swamping even the most powerful who have withstood a winked-at reputation for decades. […]