The Structure of Things

By Thomas Lambrecht- As Christians, we believe God created the universe. He created it with a certain structure. That structure is reflected in the physical universe – what we call the laws of physics (and biology). He also created the universe with a certain moral and spiritual structure – what we call the moral law […]

Distinctions, Differences, and the Future of Methodism

By Thomas Lambrecht What will the proposed new Global Methodist Church look like? How will it operate? In what ways will it be different from what we have been accustomed to in The United Methodist Church? These questions weigh on the minds of people who are thinking about the option of aligning with the GM […]

The Spirituality of Work

By Thomas Lambrecht –  Labor Day is a holiday in honor of work. Too often, Christians have adopted a secular understanding of work. We view it either as drudgery or as an idol to which we devote all our time and energy. But work is a spiritual endeavor. We are to approach our work as […]

Speaking Up for Women

  By Thomas Lambrecht –  ​​​Now that the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan, many are concerned about the future for women and girls in that country. The Taliban has a history of oppressing women and depriving them of human rights, as well as administering harsh punishments for various offenses against Islamic codes. The U.S. made […]

Why We Need a Denomination

By Thomas Lambrecht – Denominations are not in vogue right now in American culture. For the past 20 years, the non-denominational church movement has grown across the country until its congregations make up a significant portion of the Body of Christ in the U.S. and in Africa, as well. This reflects the tendency toward “do-it-yourself” […]

Lifestyle Evangelism

By Thomas Lambrecht ​​​​As a declining denomination in the midst of cultural headwinds becoming increasingly hostile to Christianity, we wonder how to be a growing, vital church. Although I have served as a pastor and have been a member of growing congregations at one time or another, I have never in my church membership life […]

Navigating the Wilderness

By Thomas Lambrecht – ​​​​​​Let’s just acknowledge that The United Methodist Church is in a wilderness. In his book, A Way through the Wilderness, my colleague the Rev. Rob Renfroe writes, “In the Scriptures, wilderness is used to describe a time in a person’s life when his or her soul is parched and dry; when today is hard […]

Florida WCA President Surrenders Credentials over Extreme Requirements

By Thomas Lambrecht – ​​​​​The Rev. Jay Therrell, president of the Florida regional chapter of the Wesleyan Covenant Association, surrendered his credentials as an ordained elder on July 8. He did so because of requirements that had been placed upon him by the conference board of ordained ministry that were inconsistent with the Book of Discipline and […]

British Methodism Adopts Progressive Sexuality Standards

   By Thomas Lambrecht – On Wednesday, the British Methodist Church became the largest denomination in Great Britain to endorse same-sex marriage. The overwhelming vote follows the acceptance of an initial report in 2019, God in Love Unites Us, followed by two years of discussion across the church’s 30 districts. According to the BBC , […]

Separation and the Unity of the Church

There is resistance and reluctance to support the idea of separation in The United Methodist Church. That is as it should be. Separation in the church, like divorce in a marriage, should be a last resort, not entered into lightly or without pursuing all other options. For 50 years, United Methodists have tried to make […]

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