The Wonder of a Star

By Rob Renfroe- My wife, Peggy, has a habit that drives me crazy — and brings me lots of joy. Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, however late we might be, she’ll stop and take a picture — several pictures. Usually her unplanned photography is preceded by her stepping off the path, bending down, and […]

New Commission Announced

The United Methodist Council of Bishops has announced the membership of the Commission on a Way Forward. “After three months of diligent and prayerful discernment, we have selected 8 bishops, 11 laity, 12 elders and 1 deacon to serve on the Commission,” said Bishop Bruce R. Ough, president of the Council of Bishops. “This group […]

Evangelicals Unite in Chicago

By Steve Beard- During the first hour of its launch event in Chicago on October 7, leaders of the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) were scrambling to find more chairs to accommodate the standing-room-only gathering, as well as swaying and clapping to the enthusiastic and impromptu participation of African United Methodists during the opening worship time […]

Our God of Deliverance

By Kenneth Levingston- When I was asked by members of my congregation what I expected to occur at the Wesleyan Covenant Association gathering in Chicago, I told them that I expected God to show up and do something with us that we could not have imagined or dreamed of or hoped for. We are given […]

Leading into the Next

By Jeff Greenway- God is doing a new thing among those of us who claim the historic, orthodox, evangelical, Wesleyan expression of our faith. With the Wesleyan Covenant Association, we are planting seeds today — that when full grown — will bear the fruit of a vital Wesleyan witness and a dynamic Spirit-filled Methodism across […]

The Temptation of Constantine

By Andrew Thompson- The people called Methodists stand at a turning point in their history. It is time, once and for all, to determine whether we will “hold fast” to the “doctrine, spirit, and discipline with which [we] first set out,” or whether we will rather “only exist as a dead sect, having the form […]

A House in Order

By Chris Ritter- In times of confusion, a clarion call is both needful and life-giving. Martin Luther’s confession before the Diet of Worms is sometimes summarized in this way: “Here I stand. I can do no other.” In Scripture, the elderly patriarch Joshua gathered an indecisive nation of Israel to Shechem and said, “Choose you […]

Chicago Statement

Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, on Friday, October 7, 2016, over 1,700 participants at the launch event of the Wesleyan Covenant Association affirmed the following statement: The association is a coalition of congregations, clergy, and laity from across The United Methodist Church, committed to promoting ministry that combines a high view of Scripture, Wesleyan vitality, orthodox […]

Jesus on the Margins

By Jorge Acevedo- Leadership guru Jim Collins teaches that smart and successful companies practice the genius of the “and” instead of the tyranny of the “or.” He believes that in choosing between seemingly contradictory concepts – focusing on this or that – leads to missed opportunities. Should the product be low cost or high quality? […]

Our Global Connection

By Kimberly D. Reisman- We are part of an amazing global Wesleyan movement – over 80 million strong. There are only two groups of Christians who have a bigger family than we do: the Roman Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox. Our family of Wesleyan Methodists is a praying family. In over 130 countries your brothers […]

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