Living Core of Faith

By Bill Arnold- In these tumultuous times, it is important to ask “what do United Methodists believe?” The four Doctrinal Standards of our beloved denomination are the Articles of Religion of the Methodist Church, the Confession of Faith of the Evangelical United Brethren Church, Standard Sermons of John Wesley, and Wesley’s Explanatory Notes upon the […]

A New Day Before Us

By Rob Renfroe- As the Wesleyan Covenant Association, we want to create something that will exist for generations to come and that will grow the Kingdom of God and change the world long after all of us are forgotten. We are a diverse collection of laity and clergy. We are local pastors, elders and deacons, […]

Reunion of the Rescued

By Jessica LaGrone- In January 2009, U.S. Airways flight 1549 took off from New York’s Laguardia airport headed for North Carolina. The passengers settled back in their seats for the takeoff, but they weren’t settled for very long. Three minutes into the flight the plane struck a flock of geese, and passengers looked out the […]

Agenda at the Crossroads

By Jerry Kulah- Global United Methodism is at a crossroads and has to decide a path to its future. This is the time to carefully evaluate the past, understand the present, and anticipate a future consistent with our call by God to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the holistic transformation of the world. In […]

Who Can Be a Missionary?

By Jim Ramsay- “I admire you for what you do. I would never be able to do that!” What missionary has not heard expressions such as this when visiting churches, friends, and support partners while on home assignment?  In one church, I recall once being introduced with such incredibly gushing spiritual language that I wanted […]

How Saint Nick Became Santa Claus

By B.J. Funk- An ancient merchant had three lovely daughters. But due to a tragic turn of events, he had lost all hope that his daughters would be able to marry and live a happy life. It was the third century, and this businessman had lost his fortune when pirates pillaged his ship. His beautiful […]

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