Letting Go of Worry

By Rob Renfroe – We are living in a time of great turbulence and anxiety. The coronavirus pandemic has stirred panic. As Christians, part of our lifelong discipleship is seeking to allow faith to overcome our fears. “Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you […]

General Conference 2020 Postponed

By Heather Hahn – With the coronavirus disrupting lives worldwide, General Conference organizers determined they have no choice but to postpone The United Methodist Church’s top legislative assembly. The Minneapolis Convention Center – scheduled to host the 2020 General Conference – cancelled gatherings of 50 or more people through May 10. The shutdown covers the […]

Tenor’s Prayer

By Steve Beard – Perhaps no singular image better captured Easter under the treacherous cruelty of the coronavirus than Andrea Bocelli performing a solitary sacred concert in the spectacularly cavernous Duomo di Milano, the cathedral in Milan, Italy.     By the time the sun had risen on Easter morning, more than 108,000 deaths had […]

The Church in a Storm

By Omar Al-Rikabi- “A terrible screaming began among the English,” John Wesley wrote in his journal, “But the Germans calmly sang on.” Sailing aboard The Simmons from England to the American Colonies in 1736, Wesley found his ship overtaken by storm after storm. Ironically, the ship sailed in October in an attempt to dodge hurricane […]

Take Away our Pride: The Lordship of Jesus

By David F. Watson – The year 1906 marked the publication of G.K. Chesterton’s poem, “O God of Earth And Altar.” It subsequently was put to haunting music and adapted as a hymn. Although it was written over a century ago, it is nevertheless a song for our times. O God of earth and altar, […]

Depending on God When it Doesn’t Make Sense

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – Sanctification is fun when it’s under our control. Out of the corner of our eye, we have peripheral awareness of how close to being faith consumers we really are. We choose to go to a conference so we can grow spiritually. We choose to show up to Bible study so […]

Weapons of Our Spiritual Warfare

By Frank J. Beard – Our world is under attack by a ruthless enemy – one that does not come from God. It is the job of every Christian and every church to unify and wage spiritual warfare against this destructive evil until it is defeated. As I was praying the other morning and lamenting […]

Discipleship in Quarantine

By Beth Felker Jones – There are so many losses right now. Vacations. Celebrations. Planned evenings with friends. Jobs. Mental health. Precious human beings. As we live through a deadly pandemic, it is OK to feel the losses. It is OK to ache as carefully laid plans have to be put away. It is OK […]

Covenant Groups Unite Moscow Seminary Students

By Sergei Nikolaev – When self-isolation and mandatory quarantines became part of the social distancing required to hinder the spread of the coronavirus, students of the Moscow Theological Seminary of The United Methodist Church turned to their online covenant groups to maintain contact and fellowship. These virtual gatherings, based on the original idea of John […]

Rethinking Church in Zimbabwe

By Pricilla Muzerengwa – Traditionally, United Methodists parade through the streets carrying palms on Palm Sunday. Communities would also typically see Christians marching in the early morning on Easter Sunday singing praises of victory. That’s all changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Zimbabwe is on lockdown and everyone is expected to stay at home. As […]