Gorgeous Chaos

By Courtney Lott- Chaos gets a bad rap. We cling to order and calm, presenting nice, tidy images of ourselves worthy of Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. Behind them we hide, loathe to let others see what’s on the other side of the curtain. Yet, it’s often when things are upturned, broken, and exposed that […]

Bishop’s Commission Begins to Work

By Thomas Lambrecht- After an agonizingly long period of formation, the Bishops’ Commission on a Way Forward for The United Methodist Church began its work in December. The commission consists of 32 members reflecting the broad geographical, ethnic, and theological diversity within United Methodism. The commission is being moderated by three bishops, Sandra Steiner Ball […]

25 Years as Editor in Chief

While gathering in Memphis, Tennessee, the Good News Board of Directors celebrated the 25th anniversary of Mr. Steve Beard as columnist and editor in chief of Good News – at the helm for more than 150 issues of the independent United Methodist magazine. In commenting on the anniversary, the Rev. Walter Fenton, a colleague at […]

With the Mourners, We Mourn

By Steve Beard- As we pulled together this celebratory issue of Good News, we were confronted with the horrific news of the brutal murders of brothers and sisters in the faith. Twenty-five people died and 49 more were injured when a bomb went off on the chapel on the grounds of St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox […]

On Sin in Believers

By B.J. Funk- “I do not suppose that any man who is justified is a slave to sin: Yet I do suppose that sin remains (at least for a time) in all that are justified.” – John Wesley The serious Christian asks, “If I am a Christian, then does sin still dwell in me?” John […]