By L. Faye Short

Peg Snyder went to be with the Lord on Wednesday, July 21, 2010. We have lost a dear friend and faithful colleague.

Peg & Bob Snyder were connected to Good News during the time the Women’s Task Force was active. It was natural for Peg to be invited to be a part of the Evangelical Coalition for United Methodist Women (ECUMW) when it formed in 1989.

I recall one of our earliest meetings when it was voiced that we needed to base the ministry upon the firm foundation of prayer. Therefore, we needed a Prayer Coordinator, who would prepare a monthly devotional and gather prayer requests for a prayer letter, to be released at the beginning of each month. In a quiet, unassuming way, Peg spoke up and said, “I can do that.”

And so she did. From 1989 until the Renew Network came under new leadership in 2009, Peg sent a monthly devotional and prayer requests to the Renew office prior to the first of each month. This prompted the office to get busy, layout the newsletter, and send it out to the Renew Steering Committee and Support Team.

Peg Snyder was more than Renew’s Prayer Coordinator. She was a loving friend to the team members, and especially to me. Peg and Carole Sprague came to the first Renew office and spent a week volunteering to help us get ahead on office demands. She and Bob visited me and my husband, Dennis, in our new home in Habersham County. What a joy to have this godly couple as our first house guests.

Peg brought so much to our Renew Steering Committee meetings and retreats. She was always sharing insights from her years of ministry with her husband. She soaked up and gave out so much to each of us. Often Bob would accompany Peg. It was beautiful to see his support of her ministry after so many years of her support for his ministry. This was as God would have it.

In the years after Bob passed away, Peg would call me periodically and share her sadness over the loss of her husband. Inevitably, she would move from that sadness to telling me about her various children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren—with much pride and with warm affection for them. Her commitment to her family always lifted her spirits and gave her a fresh focus. Her commitment to Jesus Christ and faith in Him gave her the courage to continue on for her remaining years.

Peg and Bob Snyder were “salt of the earth” people who cannot be replaced. They are with the Lord—rejoicing in His presence. But we miss them, and look forward to the day we shall know them in heaven, even as we also are known by them.

By L. Faye Short, the Founding President of the Renew Network.


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