Seeing the Future

By Rob Renfroe – I don’t have a crystal ball. I’m not a prophet. And I’m not claiming to have “a word from God.” But I think I can see how the called General Conference may end next February. The bishops have spoken predominantly about two options which they are likely to put forth. The […]

Spiritual Oasis in Egypt

By Courtney Lott – When my mom first considered the prospect of moving to Egypt, anxiety shouldered out excitement pretty fast. “Everything about your mindset changes if you want to go unnoticed,” she said. “Two Christians who had been there for awhile told me about clothing – making sure my arms were covered, pants are […]

Hymn Swinger

By Steve Beard – The holy-rolling and guitar-swinging hymn singer who arguably gave birth to rock and roll and was buried in an unmarked grave for more than 35 years is finally getting the respect she deserves. For the fans of Sister Rosetta Tharpe (1915-1973), the posthumous adulation is bittersweet. Ignored and neglected for decades, […]

Into the Arms of Eternity

By Steve Beard – Wherever he landed around the globe, Billy Graham spent his life preaching a simple and sincere message of God’s love for all people, the urgent need for conversion, and the assurance that Jesus Christ walks with believers in the brightest and darkest of times. Throughout his illustrious ministry, Graham preached to […]

Tribalizing Methodism

By Scott Kisker – With the 2019 called General Conference looming, it is time to address the risks posed to our United Methodist polity as a peculiar articulation and preserver of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. The United Methodist Church is set up as a conciliar catholic church – the only one I […]

A Second Rise of Methodism

By William Payne – As The United Methodist Church prepares to meet in St. Louis next year for the special-called General Conference to decide its future, now is a good time to take a sober assessment of the state of our current denomination. • Over the last forty-eight years, it has lost over four million […]

Turning the Page

God Outwitted Me: The Stories of My Life by Maxie Dunnam (Seedbed). Hopefully you’ve already read one of Dunnam’s many books or heard him preach. God Outwitted Me is his spiritual memoir about the events that molded and strengthened him to be the prized and beloved Christian leader and communicator that we have come to […]

Mapping Out the Valley of the Shadow of Death

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – Laughing hard enough to shake dust from the rafters while reading a book about death feels a little sacrilegious, like stifling giggles at a funeral. It doesn’t seem proper. It doesn’t seem respectful. But while funerals have nice social protocols and traditions for guiding times of grief, the time before […]

The Next Generation

By Sarah Parham – We have all read the reports, the gloomy news that young people are leaving the church in masses. A Fuller Youth Institute study shows that roughly 50 percent of young people who grow up in the church leave the church behind, along with the piles of caps and gowns and high […]

Our Leadership Crisis

By Eduard Khegay, United Methodist Bishop of the Eurasia Episcopal Area –  Nikolai Berdyaev (1874-1948), Russian religious philosopher, wrote in the beginning of the twentieth century that Russian thinking cannot be Eastern or Western. He argued that both of these extremes are not appropriate. His hope for Russia was that she would grow to global […]