Faith is a Fatted Calf

By B.J. Funk – Do you have a son or daughter living out in the pig pen of life? One day, he or she was your little darling, and then suddenly the teenage years struck, and that darling changed into someone you did not know and who wanted very little to do with you. Defiant […]

College Students Fight Human Trafficking

By Erin Edgeman No one really talks about it. Most of us probably don’t even know that there are more slaves now than ever in human history. Depictions of human trafficking are often seen in movies and television shows, but we don’t think of it happening in the United States. Regan Kramer, a Florida native, […]

Love and the Cross

By Allan Bevere “One of the flaws of the most characteristic Liberal portrayal of Jesus was the unlikelihood that anyone would have wanted to crucify such an attractive moral teacher. In recent questing it has been more widely recognized that a test of any hypothesis’ viability is whether it provides a satisfactory answer to the […]

My Response to “A Matter of Interpretation”

By Adam Hamilton I want to thank Rob Renfroe and Tom Lambrecht for the gracious critique they offered to the op-ed piece I wrote for the Washington Post. It is a model for how we as United Methodists might discuss issues over which the church is divided. I see them as brothers in Christ and […]

A Matter of Interpretation: Engaging Adam Hamilton

By Rob Renfroe and Thomas Lambrecht In his recent Washington Post column, the Rev. Adam Hamilton stated that Bible verses that prohibit same-sex intimacy “capture the cultural understandings and practices of sexuality in biblical times, but do not reflect God’s will for gay and lesbian people.” This is not a new position for him to […]

Homosexuality, Slavery, and the Bible

By Adam Hamilton Homosexuality is one of the most divisive issues within churches and across our country today. The issue has become, for some, a litmus test on fidelity to God and the scriptures. The divide is not just between the progressives and conservatives. It is also a generational divide, with younger Christians generally seeing […]

Evangelism with the Never-Churched

By Jack Jackson – Last Christmas season, my family walked through the downtown community where we live. In one of the store windows we passed were a small set of woodcarvings that included a baby, two adults right next to the baby, three kingly-looking persons nearby, and a scattering of cows, donkeys, and ducks. I […]

Eradicating missiological “Uns”

By Stan Self A standard missiological approach is to divide people of the world into groups in order to be more strategic in our approaches to presenting the gospel and making disciples. Depending on the goal, the division may be by language, dialect, ethnicity, caste, nationality, culture, religion, politics, or any combination thereof. Two of […]

United Methodism affirms traditional marriage

Nationwide, news outlets have reported on a lone United Methodist congregation in North Carolina that has chosen to stop performing heterosexual weddings in its sanctuary. According to the congregants, they are protesting the position of The United Methodist Church and the state of North Carolina. Out of the more than 35,000 United Methodist congregations in […]

Letters to the Editor (May/June 2013)

 Disappointment I’m disappointed in the way Good News defines – and then forgets – the concept of “open” in the March/April issue. Rob Renfroe opens the issue with the definition, “Being open is the virtue of admitting that no matter how much we may know, we still have much to learn.” Alas, that definition is […]

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