General Conference Delegates Cut

By Walter Fenton – For the first time since the creation of the United Methodist Church the number of delegates slated to attend General Conference has been reduced. At its October 2013 meeting the Commission on the General Conference voted to reduce the number of delegates from approximately 1,000 to 850. In November, the Rev. […]

Editorial: Talking Past One Another

You’ve probably watched two people have an argument that got nowhere. They championed their positions with as much passion and clarity as they could muster, but to no avail. Finally, they left exhausted by the effort but no closer to a resolution. Sometimes we describe that scenario as two people “talking past each other.” In […]

His Long Walk to Freedom

Former South African President and anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela died Thursday, December 5, from complications related to a recurring lung infection. He was 95. United Methodists and the international Wesleyan family of the World Methodist Council remember Mandela as a person who fought for dignity and equality for all, not through violent means, but instead […]

Facing Your Jericho

By Steve Seamands – Jericho is staring Joshua in the face, with its imposing, impenetrable walls towering over him. This was a fortified city if there ever was one, armed with all the sophisticated weaponry of that day. It was in lockdown because they knew the Israelites were going to attack. More than any other […]

Made for Much, Much More

Two haunting lines from Switchfoot’s 2011 title track “Vice Verses” have been replaying in my head. “Where is God in the earthquake? Where is God in the genocide?” Where is God in times of tragedy? Where is God in the cancer? Amy and Tom Hauser have lived that last question. The Lump. It was May […]

The Sturdy Anchor of Doctrine

By Wendy J. Deichman – When you decide to follow God’s call into ministry in The United Methodist Church, you are inevitably confronted with a series of historic questions, including several about doctrine. Preserved in the denomination’s official Book of Discipline, these questions are part of the required curriculum often viewed by candidates as a […]

Signs and Wonders in Cuba’s Methodism

By Ken Carter – We are accustomed to reading about signs and wonders in the Book of Acts. In North America, at least, our experience of church is marked by a noticeable absence of signs and wonders. There is an exception: Cuba. To witness Methodism in Cuba is to see the risen body of Jesus […]

Healing Through the Window of Heaven

By Frankie Revell – After traveling thousands of miles to the other side of the world, there I stood in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Just moments before the tour guide had informed us that when one prays in this spot, “the windows of heaven are open to you.” With many aging loved […]

Split decision at Judicial Council

In issuing their rulings for their fall docket, the Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church made two important decisions that went in favor of the traditionalist perspective and two with which we disagreed. One-Fifth Requirement. In a surprising, but welcome, development, the Judicial Council invalidated the one-fifth requirement for questions of law to be […]

Dissident Group Promises Disruption

Because of a protest from a group called “Love Prevails,” the scheduled agenda of the denomination-wide Connectional Table was scrapped during its November 19 meeting in order to talk — once again — about United Methodism’s stance on homosexuality. “We’ve been left out,” the Rev. Amy DeLong told the group. “We’ve been kept from being […]

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