Editorial: It’s Our Time to be Faithful

By Rob Renfroe – There is a new reality regarding The United Methodist Church and the practice of homosexuality. And that reality is that our biblically faithful, beautifully balanced position will remain the official position of the UM Church for the foreseeable future. We will continue to affirm that all persons are of sacred worth, […]

Letters to the Editor (July/August 2013)

Transforming word The Rev. Adam Hamilton responded with grace to the critique he received from Revs. Tom Lambrecht and Rob Renfroe in the May/June issue; I pray I can respond with similar grace to Hamilton’s comments. “The underlying issue regarding the church’s debate over homosexuality is how we read scripture,” Hamilton wrote, as he affirmed […]

David and Jeanie Stanley Receive Robb Award

The Good News Board of Directors presented its ninth annual Edmund W. Robb, Jr. United Methodist Renewal Award to David and Jeanie Stanley at its spring meeting in mid-April. The award, named after long-time Good News board member and renewal leader, Dr. Ed Robb, is given to United Methodists who have made a significant and […]

One More Chance to Get It Right

By B.J. Funk – Nicky Cruz  thought he didn’t matter to anyone. Born to Puerto Rican parents who practiced witchcraft, Nicky suffered physical and mental abuse from their devil practices. His fate was sealed when his mother, in a trance, declared Nicky to be the “Son of Satan.” At 16, he became a member of […]

The Long Arc Toward Justice

By Steve Beard History sometimes takes a long time to heal itself. The course corrections are often patchworked together over decades. “How long will prejudice blind the visions of men, darken their understanding, and drive bright-eyed wisdom from her sacred throne?” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked in a famous speech in Montgomery, Alabama, on […]

I’m Looking For My Family

By Stephen Rankin – Imagine this scene: a group of 20 or so United Methodist leaders are gathered in a circle for the opening prayer of a weekend training in spiritual formation. The leader begins with asking each member of the group to center his or her thoughts on God “as you understand God…” This […]

Changing Lives One Drop at a Time

By Karen Smith – According to the United Nations, 3 billion people will be added to the global population by 2050. Up to 90 percent of them will likely be born in regions with no sustainable access to clean drinking water. Today, one in eight people do not have access to clean water. This amounts […]

Sexual Sanctification

By Karen Booth I am always amazed that God called me to sexual sanctification ministry considering the choices that I made in the past. After I repudiated my Christian upbringing during college years, my life quickly disintegrated into a wasteland of relational brokenness and sexual sin. A failed marriage in my late 20s left me […]

Husband-wife team leads fast-growing Hispanic congregation

By Annette Spence – Three years ago, Susana Lopez was a translator in a furniture factory. Wilmer Lopez made a living out of laying tile and carpet. Today, the couple is co-pastoring what might be the largest Hispanic congregation in east Tennessee, and one of the fastest-growing Hispanic churches in the United Methodist denomination. El […]

7 Ways to Reach the Dechurched

By Boyce Bowdon – “Making Disciples has to be more than our slogan if the Church of the 21st Century is faithful to what Jesus calls us to do,” observes the Rev. Stephen Hale. “It has to be our focus.” As executive associate pastor of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City, Hale believes […]

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