Lloyd J. Lunceford

Church Trust Law Webinar: Tuesday, May 10, 7 PM Central Time


Do United Methodist congregations own their buildings?

What is a trust?

Can the United Methodist trust be revoked?

Is there a legal process for disaffiliating from the UM Church separate from what is in the Book of Discipline?

When might it make sense to use the legal process, rather than the Discipline’s process?

When might a local church need an attorney, and when might it not need one?

What steps should a local church take to prepare for disaffiliation?

During this confusing time in The United Methodist Church, it is important to have clear, factual answers to the many questions surrounding disaffiliation. Good News is sponsoring a Webinar to help answer these and other questions and provide helpful information. Understanding church trust law can help your church discern when it is appropriate to use an attorney and when it is not needed.

The presenter will be Lloyd Lunceford, Esq. of the firm Taylor Porter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has practiced law since 1984, with emphases in higher education, mass communications, commercial litigation, and church property laws. He served for many years on the board of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, the Presbyterian equivalent of Good News. He was involved in many church property cases during the separation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. You can read more about him at https://www.taylorporter.com/our-attorneys/lloyd-j-lunceford

To participate in the webinar, please use this Zoom link below:

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Meeting ID: 898 3189 2524

Passcode: 869881

If you have any questions, please contact the Rev. Tom Lambrecht at tlambrecht@goodnewsmag.org


  1. I want to zoom in

  2. Thanks for all the hard work you have completed and continue. So much of the fair information is not reaching world wide churches.

  3. – I wonder if the trust clause is enforceable if the UMC didn’t provide any funds for the property?

    – If the wording isn’t in the deed as “required” by the Book of Discipline, the BOD says it’s implied. Two issues I see. 1. The deed isn’t an instrument issued by the UMC so I wonder if that’s something that can be applied. 2. If the BOD isn’t being enforced in a uniform way, can the trust clause be selectively enforced against disaffiliating churches if the UMC is ignoring other BOD requirements.

  4. Hi, Robert.

    Trust law varies from one state to another, so there is no blanket answer to your question about an implied trust. Normally, if your church operates according to the Discipline and makes use of United Methodist clergy, it is covered by the trust. Good News is hosting a webinar on church trust law on May 10 at 7 PM (Central Time) to help answer some of these questions.

    Tom Lambrecht

  5. I am unable to attend this webinar because of being at airport to pick up guest arriving. Will it be recorded and available at another time to view? Thank you for offering such important factual information to the many confused United Methodists!

  6. If we cannot make the webinar, will it be recorded for later viewing?

  7. Will the webinar be recorded for those who can be on live?

  8. We are caught in the trappings of not knowing how to disaffiliate with the Indiana UMC
    Can you please help us.

  9. I will be listening on May 10th. In the meantime it appears that the trust clause may have just been annulled by the Texas Supreme Court here in Texas.

  10. Yes, the webinar will be recorded for future viewing.

  11. Yes, the webinar will be recorded for future viewing.

  12. Yes, the webinar will be recorded for future viewing.

  13. Thank you for the question, Corlis.

    Your best course of action is to contact the WCA leaders in Indiana. They can be helpful to you in moving through the process of disaffiliation.

    Tom Lambrecht

  14. How do I access this recorded webinar?

  15. Please let us know how to access the webinar recording.

    Thank you.

  16. Please send me a link to the recorded webinar with attorney Lloyd Lunceford.

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