Do United Methodist congregations own their buildings? What is a trust? Can the United Methodist trust be revoked? Is there a legal process for disaffiliating from the UM Church separate from what is in the Book of Discipline? When might it make sense to use the legal process, rather than the Discipline’s process? When might a local church need an attorney, and when might it not need one? What legal steps should a local church take to prepare for disaffiliation?

During this confusing time in The United Methodist Church, it is important to have clear, factual answers to the many questions surrounding disaffiliation.

Good News sponsored a Webinar (and posted HERE) to help answer these and other questions and provide helpful information.

Understanding church trust law can help your church discern when it is appropriate to use an attorney and when it is not needed.

The presenter was Lloyd Lunceford, Esq. of the firm Taylor Porter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has practiced law since 1984, with emphases in higher education, mass communications, commercial litigation, and church property laws. He served for many years on the board of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, the Presbyterian equivalent of Good News. He was involved in many church property cases during the separation of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. You can read more about him at  

His email is



  1. We were having our initial meeting on disaffiliation at the same time as the webinar. How do I access it and the first installment today?

  2. What protections will the GMC have to keep the Liberals for infiltrating it as the did the UMC? Will a local Church hire their Preacher or will they be sent from the GMC?

  3. UMCNext issued the below statement in March after postponement of General Conference was announced. Is there evidence anywhere in the denomination that an AMIABLE SEPARATION is under way absent the Protocol?

    From A UMCNext Statement Issued In March:

    We are saddened when churches or clergy desire to leave our historic connection. We recognize that some have already taken steps to hasten separation with the creation of the Global Methodist Church and others depart to join other denominations or become independent congregations. We recognize that the delay of the General Conference means the goal of amicable separation will need to be met without new legislation. We call on Bishops and Annual Conferences to work with churches and clergy seeking to leave the connection using existing provisions of the Book of Discipline in a spirit of mutual blessing and grace.

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