Déjà vu at Claremont
President Jerry Campbell of Claremont School of Theology is quoted in the September/October 2010 issue of  Good News as dismissing evangelizing other faiths when he says Christians have “an incorrect perception of what it means to follow Jesus”  This is an old argument, some 80 years old. In 1932, Re-thinking Missions by William E. Hocking of Harvard was published. It was the thinking of many in the liberal denominations. In general, the thinking was that missionaries were a mistake, because there was nothing really unique about Christianity to bring to other faiths. This thinking was successful in the missionary programs of liberal denominations. But God be praised, the Church in China and in Africa ignored Hocking and his colleagues. After 80 years, shouldn’t we expect something better than old  discredited ideas from our seminaries?

Douglas W. Rettig
Viola, Illinois

Drifted from our roots
I am one of two members who have been attending our local United Methodist church since birth. We’ve attended longer than any of the present members. I can cry myself to sleep about the condition of the United Methodist Church—how it has drifted from the Wesleyan tradition and the roots our forefathers planted. There are a number in our congregation who have left the church to find spiritual food and feel a part of the church family. It’s disheartening to see United Methodist membership declining.

Thank you so much for your efforts of renewal within the United Methodist Church.

Name withheld

Beginning to wake up
I am 89 years old and I have been a Methodist since birth. It is sad what has happened to our church. Fortunately, my local church is still faithful.

I do think that through the efforts of Good News, people are beginning to wake up.


Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Bartels
Snyder, Texas

Can do so no longer
I have recently de-activated my United Methodist membership due to theological differences with a very liberal pastor. Per your advice, I hung in there a long time, but I can do so no longer.

Name withheld

An encouragement
I have been negligent in sending some money but I do want to keep Good News coming to me. I am a member of a small UM church and it seems with each pastor assigned to us the messages become more liberal and generic. The church is proud of its good works but not concerned with spiritual growth and at times it is very discouraging.

To know, through reading Good News, that there are still some genuine, born-again believers in the United Methodist denomination is an encouragement.

I am 80 years old, on a limited income, and at present taking chemo treatments for abdominal cancer but my God is faithful and sustains and keeps me.

Keep working for Him.



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