Call to Action Leadership Summit

After more than four decades of United Methodism’s membership decline, the 2008 General Conference created a committee of church leaders to study the denomination and its churches, and to propose interventions at each level of the Church’s life. In late 2010, the committee published a “Call to Action” that is now widely discussed among United Methodists. The report addresses concerns ranging from the low “vitality” of local churches to the overall structure of the denomination.

The United Methodist Church will be holding a Call to Action Leadership Summit on April 6 called “Reordering the Life of the Church.” You can view the proceedings via the internet from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Central Time. We encourage evangelicals and traditionalists to watch the summit. You can download the live stream viewer HERE.

You can read the Call to Action highlights HERE. And the Call to Action Research Findings HERE

According to the website, “The Leadership Summit webcast will begin with worship and a presentation followed by a conversation time at your site. In the second hour, 20 minutes will be devoted to each of three questions. You can send questions during this time. In the last hour, Leadership Summit presenters will respond to questions and feedback. Each will receive a response either during the webcast or soon after.”

The Call to Action was the main focus of the March / April 2011 issue of Good News. We featured responses to the Call to Action report from a host of United Methodist leaders. By clicking on their names below, you can access the online version of their responses and copy and send them to interested friends in your church and Sunday school class.

The Rev. Rob Renfroe

Dr. George G. Hunter III

Dr. Lyle E. Schaller

Dr. Steve Wende

Dr. M. Kent Millard

Dr. Joy Moore

Dr. Terry Teykl

We encourage Good News readers and supporters to stay informed about the events taking place within our denomination and work and pray for a renewed and reformed United Methodist Church.


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