Coffee drinking may be an essential component of any modern day United Methodist church, but John Wesley was not a big fan. Neither did he champion the cause of tea: “But three cups of strong tea will now make my hand shake, so that I can hardly write.” In his health and wellness book Primitive Physick, Wesley wrote, “Coffee and tea are extremely hurtful to persons who have weak nerves.”

Wesley would probably not get very far in convincing contemporary United Methodists to give up their daily fix of caffeine. If you are a Wesleyan without “weak nerves” we want to draw your attention to Drinklings (, founded by two Asbury Theological Seminary alumni. The outfit makes quirky coffee mugs (John Wesley and Suzanna Wesley mugs on the left in the picture above), t-shirts, and fresh roasted coffee dedicated to various social issues like crisis pregnancy, addiction recovery, mental health, and so forth. The goal is to be able to provide both short term and long term financial support for various ministries focusing on such issues and raise both church and public awareness in the process through shared coffee and products.

The social mission coffee (“Life,” for example, is the roast dedicated to the pro-life movement) always comes fresh roasted and uniquely crafted for each cause and the mugs work as gifts and collectibles. GOOD NEWS readers can get a 10% off discount by using the code: GOODNEWS at the checkout.

We also enjoy having the John Wesley character mug from Asbury Theological Seminary near our coffee machine at the Good News headquarters (pictured above on the right). While we would stop short of saying that it keeps our coffee “strangely warmed,” we definitely believe it is a fun and unique addition to our office (

– Good News Media Service


  1. Enjoy the humor in this article. I am 67 and can no longer drink coffee. I have ulcerative colitis and coffee has too much acid. No problem, learned to love water. Praise God

  2. I like the advice of godly men, like John Wesley, and Adam Clarke, and consider it very valuable. If we didn’t drink tea and coffee, or soda pop and other caffeine and sugar drinks, we would have allot less diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. We will pay the consequences for intemperate, unscriptural eating and living. We suffer for our short sighted pleasure!! Stephen Burk

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