March-April 2010

Hope in the midst of trouble: An Easter meditation

By N.T. Wright The whole New Testament assumes that Israel was chosen to be the people through whom the creator God would address and solve the problems of the whole world. Salvation is of the Jews. The early Christians believed that the one true God had been faithful to that promise and had brought salvation […]

For the Cause of Unity

For the Cause of Unity On November 5, 2009, twelve representatives of renewal and reform groups within the United Methodist Church met with the Bishops’ Unity Task Force. The same task force had previously met with a group representing the Reconciling Ministries Network and the Methodist Federation for Social Action (MFSA). The wide-ranging and forthright […]

Carrying one another’s hearts

By Liza Kittle The purpose of Renew has always been two-fold. On one hand, this organization has engaged in a twenty-year spiritual battle for the integrity of the gospel, the historic tenets of Methodism, and the need for Christ-centered women’s ministry within our denomination. But just as importantly, we have been engaged in ministries of […]

Haitian Methodists, UMCOR assess volunteer needs

By Linda Bloom The Methodist Church in Haiti and United Methodist Committee on Relief are identifying “suitable projects and assignments” for volunteer teams wishing to assist with earthquake recovery in Haiti. Both groups are asking volunteers to delay their arrival in Haiti until those assessments are complete. Evaluations in the six church circuits most affected by […]

Bishop Scott Jones addresses pro-life service

By Connor Ewing In what has unfortunately become a rare occurrence, the United Methodist Building in Washington, D.C. was used on the morning of January 22 to defend the dignity and sanctity of unborn life. The occasion was the twenty-second annual Lifewatch Sanctity of Life Service of Worship, sponsored by The Taskforce of United Methodists […]

Releasing your loved ones to serve

By Frank Decker “For what are you willing to die?” That was a sobering, yet defining query asked of me by an older pastor during the early days of my ministry. I now find myself asking aspiring missionaries that same question. Though an unpleasant subject, it is the type of question that can serve as […]

Reviving prayer

By Emily Cooper and Jan Surratt One church launched a prayer altar ministry, another initiated prayer partners, and one other called for the creation of prayer spaces. At still another church, the pastor set aside the lectionary for part of the summer to preach on prayer. Four United Methodist congregations in South Carolina. Four different […]

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor March/April 2010 Stop the dollars As a retired elder from the Western North Carolina Annual Conference, I read with interest in your Jan/Feb 2010 issue, the article about the meeting with the “Renewal group leaders and the Bishops’ Unity Task Force.” How can an organization that has lost one-third of its […]

Two lives we celebrate: W.A. Amerson and Edgar Nelson

By James V. Heidinger II This spring at our annual conference sessions, pastors and lay delegates will open with a Memorial Service honoring members and spouses who have died during the past year. At this always-touching service, we will lift our voices, singing triumphantly, “For all the saints, who from their labors rest, who thee […]

Poverty at my doorstep

By B.J. Funk As a girl, my mother thought nothing about bringing people off the street to her kitchen for a hot meal. I remember the rancid odor from their bodies, the dirty clothes, and the toothless smiles of gratitude. There was no reason to be afraid. My sister and I ran around barefooted on […]