We need to pray!

By Jim Leggett – 90 Days of Prayer It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that The United Methodist Church needs divine help. Our divisions over biblical issues and sexuality have been difficult and divisive and painful. To think that we can solve these issues with human reasoning and human plans is naïve. […]

Editorial: Strange Bedfellows

Talk about strange bedfellows. Poles apart theologically. Diametrically opposed regarding the church’s direction. What could possibly unite adamant progressives and committed evangelicals within The United Methodist Church? A plan for the future of the UM Church called “A Way Forward.” Put forth by some of our denomination’s leading pastors, this plan would allow each annual […]

Fatherly Advice

My son John Paul just turned 18 years old. I fired off my first letter to him when he was four days old. “All of this is to simply say that you were wanted and we are so glad that you have arrived,” I concluded back in 1996. When he turned 13, family friends wrote […]

Balancing Grace and Truth

The Gospel of John begins with a picture of God entering our world and making himself known in the person of Jesus. John’s description of “The Beautiful One” opens with a sentence that may be at the same time one of the simplest and most profound ever written. When I was a sophomore at Rice […]

God’s Faithfulness and the Challenge of Parenthood

By David F. Watson and Harriet S. Watson – On Thanksgiving Day, 2006, Sean David Watson was born. He is our second child, four years behind his brother, Luke. A few hours after his birth, we found out that Sean likely had Down syndrome. Three days later, a chromosomal test confirmed this diagnosis. Shortly thereafter, […]

John Wesley’s Radical Synthesis

By Howard Snyder – Synthesis and radical: The two words don’t seem to go together. Synthesis often means bland middle-of-the road. Radical often means far out, extreme, fringe, crazy. And yet, this is precisely where John Wesley was radical. He was a genius at the balance and interplay of experience, structure, and doctrine. Digging into […]

Global Culture Clashes

By William Payne – In his book Methodists and the Making of America, Charles W. Ferguson argued that Methodism is America in microcosm. In a similar fashion, I have argued that American Methodism has always been characterized by regional identities and that it is essentially a regionally-based denomination (American Methodism: Past and Future Growth). Specifically, […]

M28Camps: Taking up the Call

By Susan O’Keefe – Christian discipleship means different things to different people. For a couple from Oxford, Mississippi, the call to disciple included a packing list of camp T-shirts, sound equipment, stage lighting, and name tags. The map to discipleship led them to the mountains of North Carolina to begin a youth conference. Allyson and […]

Saving lives, but losing their own

By Kathy L. Gilbert – Mbalu Fonnie and Veronica Karoma, sweat beading on their faces, squinted into the hot afternoon sun on June 8 and talked about the panic they were feeling as nurses treating the first confirmed cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone at Kenema Government Hospital. Both Fonnie and Karoma had moved past […]

Solidarity with Iraqi Christians

By Faith J.H. McDonnell Civilized human beings across the world are sickened by the destruction taking place in Iraq at the hands of ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria). Christians, Yazidis, and other religious minorities — some of the most ancient indigenous people groups in the Middle East — are being slaughtered by […]

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