Telling the Truth to the Church

By Rob Renfroe – It’s a southern tradition to emphasize a point you are about to make with the phrase, “As my dear mother used to say when I was a child …” When we hear someone begin that way in Texas, we listen up because we love our mommas and experience has taught us […]

Is the Traditional Plan Unconstitutional?

By Thomas Lambrecht – News Analysis Anxious church commentators are wondering if the latest development in the lead-up to the special called General Conference in February 2019 means the Traditional Plan is fatally flawed. In a comprehensive 58-page ruling released October 26, the Judicial Council has rendered its opinion on whether the One Church Plan, […]

Let’s Go

By Steve Beard – Known as the shepherd to shepherds, Eugene Peterson – author of The Message, a contemporary Bible paraphrase that has sold millions of copies – died on Monday, October 22. He was 85 years old. One week prior to his passing, Peterson had entered hospice care. “During the previous days, it was […]

Men, Women, and the Kingdom of God

By Carolyn Moore – One does not need to be a feminist to be startled that there are 130 million school age girls around the globe who are not in school. While there are many reasons for that staggering number, it is still jarring. Or that two-out-of-three of the 774 million illiterate adults are women. […]

Meeting Hope in Advent

By Fleming Rutledge – In a very real sense, the Christian community lives in Advent all the time. It can well be called the Time Between, because the people of God live in the time between the first coming of Christ, incognito in the stable in Bethlehem, and his second coming, in glory, to judge […]

Exile on Main Street

By Rick McKinley – Once upon a time in America, the majority of the population shared Judeo-Christian values. The average American was somewhat familiar with the biblical faith in Jesus and more than likely had attended some type of Christian church at some point in their life. Society held to values that today we call […]

Sacred and Fractured Days

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – We live in fractured days. Life seems fractious (“irritable; quarrelsome”). We have pieces, slivers that don’t seem to fit well into a whole. Sunday school classes are tense and subjects begin to veer toward anything slightly controversial, and a sigh of relief is breathed as the topic shifts without explicit […]

Christian Doctor Wins Nobel Prize

By Kate Shellnut – A Christian gynecologist who has dedicated his career to caring for victims of rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been awarded a 2018 Nobel Peace Prize. Denis Mukwege, nicknamed “Dr. Miracle” for his specialized procedures, was a co-recipient for the annual honor alongside Nadia Murad, a Yazidi activist […]

What’s in the Traditional Plan

By Thomas Lambrecht – United Methodists around the connection are reading the three plans that will be voted upon next February at the 2019 General Conference in St. Louis. In this issue of Good News, I will be analyzing the “Traditional Plan,” the proposal that has been endorsed by the Renewal and Reform Coalition (Good […]

A Window Rippled with Imperfections

By Courtney Lott – Writing can be frustrating – even for the talented. In a moment of dramatic renunciation of her craft after multiple rejections of her manuscript, Madeleine L’Engle covered her typewriter. Very quickly she realized that, in spite of this gesture, her mind had already started planning a novel about failure. It was […]