God with Us

By Rob Renfroe – Life can be confusing, and our way is often dark. Sometimes it’s as dark and cold as a winter’s night. A lot of people feel like they’re alone: no one smiling down on them, no one looking out for them, no one really understanding what they face, who they are, or […]

Pioneering Methodism

Photos and story by Joseph Kreiss – Devoting time to study the lives and writings of the early Saints of our faith helps give insight into the foundations of our belief in Jesus Christ and the church. Stepping foot into a humble United Methodist Church building that hasn’t changed since the Civil War also gives […]

A Bishop’s Lament

By Walter Fenton – In a passionate email to the people of the Michigan Episcopal Area, Bishop Deborah Lieder Kiesey writes that her “heart is broken” regarding the potential “next steps” she will have to take in the case of the West Michigan Annual Conference pastor, the Rev. Mike Tupper. Kiesey’s letter came after Tupper […]

Love the Bomb

By Steve Beard – “Joy is the most infallible sign of the existence of God.” That was the message on a note taped to the computer of Stephen Colbert, the new host of The Late Show. There is something seemingly subversive about a late night comedian who teaches Sunday school and has used his TV […]

Local Pastors to the Rescue

By Sam Hodges – When large, multisite Grace Church in Florida needed a pastor for its new downtown Fort Myers campus, the Rev. Arlene Jackson got the call. She began with about 30 in worship. Over five years, her flock at Grace — a United Methodist church — has grown to more than 400. Many […]

Parents / Youth / Faith

By Joe Iovino United Methodist Communications – Many youth in the U.S. who regularly attend worship, go on summer mission trips, sing in the youth choir, and actively participate in the youth ministry of their United Methodist congregations, drop out of church after high school graduation. In 2006, the Barna group reported that only 1-in-5 […]

Political Dissident Leads Revival Behind Bars

By Heather Hahn – Politics landed Vano Kalembe Kiboko in prison in his native Democratic Republic of Congo, his siblings say. But God’s power is enabling the United Methodist to lead his fellow prisoners to new faith and transformed lives in Christ. Kiboko — a United Methodist lay evangelist and a former congressman in Congo […]

Lord’s Prayer at High Noon

By Terry Teykl – KSBJ in Houston is one of the largest Christian radio stations in the world with more than a million listeners. As the chaplain for KSBJ, I helped launch a noon time prayer effort eight years ago centered on the Lord’s Prayer. We call it Pray Down at High Noon. Instead of […]

Preparing for General Conference

By Thomas Lambrecht – Every four years, reminiscent of the Olympic Games, several thousand delegates, staff, and observers representing United Methodists from around the world gather for a two-week meeting to set the course of the church for the next quadrennium. Each time, the location moves to another one of United Methodism’s five jurisdictions or […]

Will the Trust Clause Soon Be Broken?

By Donald W. Haynes – As the United Methodist Church approaches the 2016 General Conference, so much of the agenda’s “die is cast.” The delegates are elected and most have stated their position on some of the most divisive issues. “Movements” and “caucuses” on the theological left and right of key social justice concerns are […]

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