Bishop: Beware of Costs of Sexuality Debate

By Heather Hahn – The United Methodist Church’s intensifying debate around human sexuality has substantial financial implications in the global church, a bishop warned the denomination’s finance agency. Those costs could include a drop in church giving and the division of property. “The question is: Is there a middle ground that will allow most of […]

Seeing Black and White in Gray World

Reviewed by Walter Fenton – It is now commonplace to bemoan political polarization, to complain of gridlock, and to protest that radicals on the left and right have hijacked debates, leaving no ground in the middle for the rational and the sane. For years church leaders have implored liberals and conservatives to “come to the […]

Q&A: Bill Arnold

By Walter Fenton – You have authored and co-authored a number of books on the Old Testament and the history of Ancient Israel, many of them for college and seminary students; what made you want to write Seeing Black & White in a Gray World? As a matter of fact, I didn’t want to write […]

Chicago Church OKs Same-Sex Unions

First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple, a historic downtown congregation, has affirmed a marriage-equality proposal that gives pastors a choice in whether to perform same-gender marriages. The congregation also pledged to support financially any pastor who does so if charges are filed under church law. Same-gender marriages are now legal in the state […]

Joy in a Land of Strife

By Jamie Dean – In the Middle East, citizens are clinging to any help they can find. Militants from the terror group Islamic State — also known as ISIS — have seized large swaths of Iraq and Syria, and driven more than 1.5 million people from their homes. Many of those refugees are Christians and […]

Mission and Migration

By Jim M. Ramsay – Did you know that in today’s world more people are on the move than at any time in history? The United Nations estimates that as of 2013 there were 232 million people who were living long-term outside of the country of their birth. Forty-one million of these are in the […]

When Did Garbage Become Entertainment?

By B.J. Funk – When I was growing up, my daddy emptied our garbage cans every other day. If he didn’t, the cans would fill to overflowing. If the garbage was in the kitchen, he took it out more often so that leftover food would not begin to smell. If you had asked me what […]

The Good Lie: Honoring the Journey of South Sudan’s Lost Boys

By Faith J.H. McDonnell – What is most striking about the new film The Good Lie is that it’s true. Opening nationwide this Friday, October 24, after a limited opening October 3, The Good Lie faithfully recreates the 1000-mile journey of the Lost Boys[i] of Sudan. The film follows three young men from southern Sudan […]

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