Letters to the Editor: May/June 2014

So blessed Thanks to Rob Renfroe we are so blessed by the publication. Have read cover to cover and are thankful for all the work of you and your staff, the writers, and contributors. It is edifying  –  cleansing to my thoughts. I enjoy how thorough it is and the many pictures and illustrations of […]

Editorial: One Church Acting Like Two

“If we are one church, we cannot act as if we are two. If, in reality, we are two churches, it may not be wise to pretend any longer that we are one.” Those lines are part of the statement made by the Good News Board of Directors after its March 2014 meeting (see page […]

Straight Talk: East of Eden

Every morning I see a poster hanging in my home for a Triple Crown surf contest in Hawaii. During the last 25 years, I have been to several of the islands, but the small town of Haleiwa on the North Shore of Oahu has been my vision of paradise. We all envision paradise differently: The […]

Did the Apostles Overrule the Mosaic Law?

By Bill T. Arnold – The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 has gotten a lot of attention of late. Those who want to change The United Methodist Church’s position on same-sex practices cite it frequently. Last November, in an open letter to the Northern Illinois Conference, Bishop Sally Dyck announced “open gatherings” in her conference […]

Book Review: Train Wreck Conversion

By Karen Booth – In 1992 Rosaria Champagne Butterfield was about as far away from Christian faith as an individual can get. She had repudiated her Roman Catholic upbringing to embrace a lesbian identity and a leftist feminist worldview. By her late 30s, she was a tenured professor at Syracuse University where she served as […]

Folk Religion and Ford Pickups

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – I’m a Yankee. Specifically, I was born in central Michigan, where the air is scented with pine needles and damp sand. I live in northeastern Texas – a region known for its own Piney Woods – but a world away from the cornfields of the Midwest, where I grew up. […]

Roadmap for Renewal

In United Methodist circles there is much talk about turning the denomination around. We have heard of the Four Areas of Focus and the 7 Pathways, Path1, and the Call to Action, and the Vital Congregations initiative. Time will tell if any of this makes much of a difference. Perhaps we should look at a […]

Book Review: Understanding God’s Inclusive Love

Reviewed by Kevin Watson – Do you ever read something and find yourself actually nodding your head in agreement, or responding to the author out loud? I wanted to respond out loud while I was reading James Bryan Smith’s chapter “God is Holy” in The Good and Beautiful God, but I was reading the book […]

Enduring Faith

By Boyce Bowdon – When Joane Schmidt was 5 years old, her parents woke her up yelling and screaming in the kitchen. “I ran to see what was happening,” Schmidt, now 84, said. “My father was holding my mother’s head over the sink and was about to chop it off with a butcher knife. Somehow, […]

Vibrant Life on Campus

The little building that houses the University of Georgia’s Wesley Foundation is not overly impressive. The sign outside is faded and slightly crooked, the pavement in the parking lot is cracked and lumpy, and the offices inside are cozy but sparse. The quiet, cramped structure is last place you’d expect to be the powerhouse of […]

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