Same Issues, Different Era

By Rob Renfroe- Prior to General Conference being held in Portland, Oregon, the chairperson of Good News’ Board of Trustees made the following observation. “United Methodism is drifting without proper leadership on the national level. Policies are being planned, opinions are being espoused and monies are being spent for some causes which do not claim […]

Praying for General Conference

By Kathy Gilbert- Pray, breathe, repeat. When the 864 delegates arrive for the 2016 United Methodist General Conference, each one of them comes blanketed in prayer. From every corner of the world, people are speaking their names and praying for The United Methodist Church as the denomination’s top policy-making body prepares to meet in Portland. […]

Jesus, Our Compass

By Steve Beard- “We begin, not with business and legislation — as important as these are — but with a fresh emphasis on Jesus Christ for all our living,” said Bishop James S. Thomas as he launched into the Episcopal Address of the 1976 General Conference of The United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon. “It […]

Revive Us Again

By Madeline Carrasco Henners- There is more!  This is a spiritual reality I’ve been chasing for the last fourteen months. There is more that God intends for his church and for the people called United Methodists. There is more that he intends for my life as a disciple. And unlike any hunger I’ve experienced before, the […]

Renewal Agenda for General Conference

By Thomas Lambrecht- Every four years, delegates from all over the world gather to represent global United Methodism. We worship together, celebrate vital ministry accomplishments, and spend most of our time attempting to discern the best way forward for The United Methodist Church over the next four years. More than 1,000 petitions will be considered […]

East Congo Conference Teaching, Preaching, Growing

By Kathy Gilbert- East Congo Conference is the infant. But this baby has a long history. The denomination’s newest episcopal area was created in 2012. However, “our fathers claimed this episcopal area since 1975,” Bishop Gabriel Unda said. “Some were chased from the church simply because they asked for an episcopal area. Others remained pastors […]

ISIS Atrocities Designated Genocide

“We commend Secretary of State Kerry and the Obama Administration for speaking the truth about the ISIS genocide,” said Faith J.H. McDonnell, Religious Liberty Director for the Institute on Religion and Democracy. “Preventing genocide is both a national security interest and moral responsibility of the United States, and with this genocide determination they have indicated […]

Book Review: Saints, but Not Heroes

By Courtney Lott- A poster at her college campus made Bethany Hanke Hoang stop dead in her tracks. “Slavery is alive. Rape for profit must be stopped,” it read. What started off as a normal winter day for the Princeton student set her on a new and entirely unexpected path. The simple, jarring message on […]

Africa Initiative Plans Pre-GC2016 Gathering

By Vicki Brown- Some African leaders want to add bishops, create a fund to support theological education in Africa, and maintain the church’s current ordination rules and definition of marriage. The United Methodist Church Africa Initiative will host a gathering for delegates from the 30 annual and provisional conferences in Africa on May 4-6 at Canby […]

Finding the Grace to Forgive

By Carolyn Moore- On the most difficult night of my life and by a terrible mistake, I stepped out of a house into the street and found myself in a car with total strangers. As a young student living on the wild side, I often found myself in risky situations. This one took me over a […]

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