Editorial: No Laughing Matter

Recently, the General Board of Church and Society in Washington D.C. has done a pretty good job – of keeping a low profile and not making the kinds of radical statements that have baffled and bothered traditional United Methodists for decades. But all that changed when one of the Board’s senior staffers, Dr. Bill Mefford, […]

In Awe of the Resurrection

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – I find myself walking in the semi-dark, friends clustered around me. Our hands are full, carrying materials to preserve a corpse. It was a long Sabbath. We were supposed to rest, so we did. But there’s no rest from thoughts of despair and grief. They follow you into every room […]

Take My Hand: The Gospel and the Blues

The first of several pivotal scenes in the film Selma occurs when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. makes a late night phone call to gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. The undeniable weight of what lay ahead for King and the civil rights movement was heavy on his soul. In quiet desperation, King (played masterfully […]

Globetrotting Preacher

By Tom Gillem – The Rev. H. Eddie Fox was born in the Appalachian foothills and never saw an ocean until he was 21. But as head of World Methodist Evangelism, he traveled millions of miles to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on every inhabited continent in the world. Fox has retired after 25 […]

Faith Sharing

By Kimberly D. Reisman – What is your reaction to the word evangelism? Hesitation? Frustration? Negativity? Maybe even hostility? I’m not surprised, because the concept of evangelism is emotionally, historically, and theologically charged. It’s been that way for years. When Dr. H. Eddie Fox was appointed as the first World Director for World Methodist Evangelism […]

Playing Favorites

By Jessica LaGrone – A friend of mine worked in Washington D.C. for several years, right in the heart of Capitol Hill. One year he was even present during the pomp and circumstance of a presidential inauguration. For several weeks the capitol city was scrubbed and scoured as all kinds of attention was given to […]

Ramps in Cathedrals

When you hear about ramps being built in sanctuaries, it’s usually to provide easier access for wheelchairs. Outside of Amsterdam, however, the ramps in one abandoned church are there to help young skaters get gnarly air. “Two dozen scruffy skateboarders launched perilous jumps in a soaring old church building here on a recent night, watched […]

Angels: God’s Messengers, Our Guardians

By Andrew C. Thompson One of Advent’s most beloved Scripture passages is the angel Gabriel’s visit to the Virgin Mary. Joseph had his own angelic encounter, of course. An angel visited him to assure him that Mary’s child was from the Holy Spirit. So it was through angels that news of Jesus Christ’s coming into […]

Lessons of Frontier Methodism

“Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the LORD: Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn.” (Isaiah 51:1-2) In the midst of the ongoing numerical decline of United Methodism in the U.S., many bloggers, church growth consultants, denominational leaders, and historians […]

Predestination and Freedom

By Jerry Walls – Like divine sovereignty, predestination is not a Calvinist doctrine, it is a biblical doctrine. As a theologian steeped in Scripture, John Wesley not only affirmed the doctrine, he affirmed a very strong version of it. He chose for his sermon “On Predestination” a classic text dealing with this great biblical truth, Romans […]

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