Editorial: Methodism’s Late Hour

“So, let us not talk falsely now for the hour is getting late.” That line was written by Bob Dylan in the late 60’s. But it is apropos for The United Methodist Church in 2014. The hour is getting late. And it’s time to speak the truth. The truth is we may not be able […]

The ‘Holy’ Spirit of Christ

By Peter Bellini – The Trinity is not an unsolvable riddle, a peripheral issue relegated to our theological appendix, or simply fuzzy math. No, the Trinity is the basic grammar and logic of our theology and practice. Three persons are interrelated in a community of holy love in one divine essence that births and grows […]

When You Feel Like Giving Up

By B.J. Funk – Walt Disney could have given up on his dream. As a young man, he was fired from a Kansas City newspaper because his boss thought that he lacked creativity. He then raised $18,000 and created a company called Laugh-O-Gram in 1921. He made a deal with a New York distributor, and […]

Book Review: Homosexuality and the Church

Reviewed by Karen Booth – Some say that the church’s moral teaching on homosexuality is a non-essential issue compared to our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. However, living a life of godly integrity in our sexual relationships is an essential part of being a disciple (see 1 Corinthians 6:18-20). Our church and our […]

The Best-Kept Secret

By Andy Nixon – You probably didn’t know that every year, 12,000 high school youth, parents, youth directors, and pastors spend two weekends in January in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for music, teaching and fellowship. In fact, Resurrection is probably the best-kept secret in United Methodism. Worshipping God, encountering Jesus Christ, and seeking the Spirit’s vocational calling […]

Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace

What follows is an address by Bishop Scott J. Jones to the Orders of Elder and Deacon and Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members of the Great Plains Conference on January 15, 2014.  For this meeting of the orders and fellowship in the Great Plains Conference, we have asked ourselves two key questions: “How […]

Behind the Veil of Reconciliation

Chrissie Shaheen was born into a unique household in Dalton, Georgia. Her mother was a Southern belle and her father was an Arab Palestinian. To make her childhood even more interesting, she lived next door to a Jewish family. Today, Shaheen oversees an equally unique women’s ministry in the Middle East that involves Muslims, Jews, […]

Who Has Spiritual Authority?

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – It’s a straightforward question, really, with a myriad of responses; but in today’s Christendom it plays havoc in the depths of this ocean we call “life together,” like a giant squid in an old horror film. Who has spiritual authority? Our Catholic sisters and brothers instantly respond with “the pope!” […]

Why I Went to Atlanta

By Keith Boyette – The United Methodist Church is navigating stormy seas. Some bishops are in open-defiance against the Council of Bishops. An entire jurisdiction of the church has declared it will not abide by the Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. Clergy and churches in some regions of the United States have […]

Living Together in a Divided Church

By Heather Hahn – A new United Methodist group in the United States is forming with the aim to advance “the Kingdom of Christ,” despite the denomination’s growing divisions over same-sex unions and gay ordination. In practice, founders of the new Wesleyan Covenant Network say, they are committed to mutual accountability, evangelism and upholding the […]

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