A Supernatural Kingdom

By Carolyn Moore – In Luke 4, as he sits among his people, Jesus casts a vision for a radical change in the spiritual climate. He stands up in the middle of church one day and reads from a scroll unrolled to the words of the prophet Isaiah: “The Spirit of the Lord is upon […]

Preparing for General Conference 2020

By Timothy Tennent – Leonard Ravenhill once said, “there is no greater tragedy than a sick church in a dying world.” The United Methodist Church is hurting and sick. It is one of the few things that people across the various divisions all seem to agree on. When the UM Church, or any church, is […]

Discovering God Through the Trees

By Matthew Sleeth – I love trees. I always have. I love looking at them. I love sitting in their shade. I love hearing the sound of wind rustling through their leaves. But what can trees teach us? Specifically, what can trees teach us about the nature of God and his love for us? Nearly […]

Steadfast Faith

By Nako Kellum – Why do I continue to believe in God? I asked myself this question as I was listening to Maybe God, a podcast hosted by the Rev. Eric Huffman, a United Methodist pastor in Houston. This episode featured a conversation between Huffman and Mr. Bart Campolo, son of the Rev. Tony Campolo. […]

The Hand of God

By Kenneth Tanner The hands that crafted humanity from the dust are the hands that grasp Mary’s finger as she looks on her infant God with awe. The divine finger that etched the commandment concerning adultery into the stone on Sinai is the human finger that drew in the sand as the frenzied crowd picked […]

Cost for Exiting Churches

By Heather Hahn, UMNS – Neil Sedaka summed it up best: Breaking up is hard to do. For congregations that want to leave The United Methodist Church, a breakup also could get very expensive. Delegates to the special General Conference in February approved two measures that enable churches to exit based on disagreements related to […]

Exit Path Fairness

COMMENTARY By Thomas Lambrecht – The Renewal and Reform Coalition understands that the exit path passed by General Conference poses a potentially impossible expense for local churches desiring to exit from the denomination. The high cost is driven primarily by the need to provide for the pension promises made to current and former clergy who […]

Progressives and Centrists Look Ahead

By Heather Hahn, UMNS – More than 600 U.S. United Methodists spent three days grappling with possible options for forging what they hope will be a more just and inclusive church future. What united those at UMCNext, which met May 20-22 behind closed doors, was their opposition to the Traditional Plan. That legislation, which the […]

LGBTQ Clergy Commissioned

By Jim Patterson and Erik Alsgaard – Three LGBTQ clergy were ordained or commissioned as United Methodist deacons by the Northern Illinois Conference (June 2-4), and the Baltimore-Washington Conference (May 29-June 1) ordained an LGBTQ elder and commissioned a gay provisional deacon. The New York Conference (June 9) also ordained an LGBTQ candidate. The conferences […]

Traditionalists Secure General Conference Majority

By Thomas Lambrecht – With all the annual conferences in the U.S. having voted, it appears that a sufficient number of traditional-minded delegates have been elected to assure a narrow but clear traditionalist majority at the 2020 General Conference in Minneapolis. These delegates will be able to prevent the overturning of parts of the Traditional […]