Creeds in Our Lives

By Nako Kellum – “So what is a Christian?” This question came from a student in our young adult group at the Japanese Church in Lexington, Kentucky. I was one of the leaders of the group, and a seminary student at the time. The group of mostly college students, with a few high school students, […]

The Glory of Longing

By Courtney Lott – Three of my former youth group students got married in the last year. I watched each walk down the aisle, torn between two warring emotions. One part of me rejoiced in this creation of a new family, the two now becoming one. The other part, the selfish one I bury under […]

Fire for a New Generation

By Jeremy Steele – I’ve never really fit in with Christians. I’m always too much of something. I’m too focused on the Bible as being the foundation for faith and practice. I’m too passionate about social justice. I’m too committed to recovering the sort of unity I see in Acts. I’m too bothered by the […]

Confronting Opioids

By Joey Butler – Ann Hammond, a member of United Methodist Temple in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and a recovering heroin addict, said that her church was one of the only places she still felt some comfort during her struggle with addiction. “Churches can help break the stigma and support families of addicts. Acknowledge that it […]

Brother E. Stanley Jones

By Tom Albin – In Our Time: The life and ministry of E. Stanley Jones is a gift to the United Methodist Church and to the Wesleyan Methodist family. Jones is one of the most important figures in twentieth century Christianity and yet he is generally unknown to the majority of world Methodist Christians today. […]

Missions in a Time Capsule

By Sarah Parham – Missions made international news several months ago with the death of John Allen Chau, an American missionary who was killed by tribesmen on the North Sentinel Island. Unfortunately, extreme statements were made in the media and facts were rarely researched or complexities examined. According to Open Doors, a group working on […]

Me First

By B.J. Funk – Do you remember James and John’s mother? Upon hearing Jesus say that they were now going to Jerusalem for his death, she reacted to this awful, gut-wrenching prediction by moving quickly to the front of the crowd, flashing a large smile and saying, “Well, I don’t understand any of that, but […]

Where do We go from Here?

By Rob Renfroe – General Conference 2019 is over. Thank God! Many of us feared, even predicted, that when we gathered in St. Louis, we would experience the most hurtful and harmful General Conference in the history of the United Methodist Church. Sadly, our fears were realized. The delegates affirmed a Traditional Plan that maintains […]

What do United Methodists Really believe?

By Sam Hodges – The United Methodist Church is a big tent theologically, and people with conservative or traditional religious beliefs make up the largest group under that spreading canvas. Those are two key findings from a new United Methodist Communications survey of United Methodists in the U.S. Of those contacted, 44 percent identified themselves […]

Shifting Axis of Methodism

By Steve Beard – “I look upon all the world as my parish,” famously said John Wesley (1703-1791). One imagines he had no idea that the United Methodist Church – one very large aspect of his spiritual legacy – would be in ministry in 60 different nations around the globe. Within the last 20 years, […]