Amplifying the Voice of the Voiceless

By Katie Virnig – Around the world, the United States symbolizes a place where all citizens are given an equal chance to achieve success and prosperity through hard work and perseverance. We call this the American Dream, and it often includes a shared formula: education, career, family, financial security, and physical health. As more pieces […]

The Life of Sean

By David F. Watson – As I watch my eleven-year-old son, Sean, make movies on his iPad, I worry about the future. In this era in which many have taken it upon themselves to insist loudly and publicly that their lives matter, many also insist that lives like Sean’s do not. Last March, the Washington […]

Burden for a Banquet

By Courtney Lott – Our affections direct our paths. Preferences call to us, leading us away from some things and toward others. Many are good and pleasing. Though sin’s far reaching effects have tainted them, these gifts from God ultimately point to him and call forth thanksgiving and praise in our hearts. There are some […]

Navigating Doubt

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – I admit I was a skeptic about 40 Days of Doubt. When I first came across the slim devotional volume by the Rev. Eric Huffman, I brought several not unreasonable opinions with me: that most devotion books have the substance of a light after-dinner mint; that most writing on doubt […]

Faithful and Fruitful

By Duane Brown – The path to effective and enduring ministry begins with a healthy understanding about the relationship between faithfulness and fruitfulness. This was never more pertinent to me than during my time as a young church planter in Canada.  Throughout that experience I wanted my church to be large and successful, although I […]

Sweet Victory

By B.J. Funk – How does one accept the news that a loved one is dying? There are no words to describe the raw emotion when hearing the doctor’s words pronouncing that there is no more hope. A war begins inside your head, a battle between true and false, a boxing match to determine which […]

Through a Glass Darkly

By Rob Renfroe – What will happen at the special General Conference this February? Right now, it’s anyone’s guess. We see through a glass darkly, not able to predict with confidence what the delegates will do and knowing that God can always surprise us and provide a solution to our problems that none of us […]

Kind Life, Gentle Death

By Steve Beard – It had been three hard days for George H.W. Bush, the 94-year-old former President of the United States. Lifelong friend James Baker, Mr. Bush’s secretary of state and chief of staff, went to check on his neighbor – a man he called “Jefe,” the Spanish word for “chief.” “Mr. President, Secretary […]

Worshipping without Walls in Zimbabwe

By the Rev. Tauri Emmanuel Maforo – John Wesley’s “The world is my parish” is being relived in Muzarabani Circuit as congregants worship under grass-thatched homesteads and pole sheds. A cappella music and ululating filled the humid atmosphere while rhythmic dance movements, sometimes with an accompaniment of shakers and an African drum, characterized the worship […]

Church in Nigeria Sees Membership Boom

By the Rev. Ande I. Emmanuel – By the year 2030, The United Methodist Church in Nigeria expects to have more than 2 million professing members. Over the past 10 years, the Nigeria Episcopal Area witnessed a 15 percent increase annually in church membership, and that trend is likely to continue, say United Methodist leaders. […]