Review: First Man

By Brett McCracken – Damien Chazelle’s First Man is a thrilling, immersive depiction of NASA’s efforts in the 1960s to put a man on the Moon. Based on James R. Hansen’s 2012 novel of the same name, First Man focuses on Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) and the harrowing test flights, bruising crash landings, and narrowly […]

A Theology of Santa Claus

By Shannon Vowell – Ready or not, tis the season! Open your email inbox, turn on the radio, check your Facebook feed, venture out to the mall – incontrovertible evidence abounds that It Is Time. The number of shopping days until Christmas usurps all other countdowns; diets and budgets and routines are blown to smithereens […]

The Refugee I Love

By Craig Keener – It wasn’t that I was never attracted to anybody. But after being deeply wounded by betrayal, I was very shy about relationships. So even though Médine Moussounga was one of my best friends during my PhD work at Duke University, I couldn’t tell her how much I liked her. I didn’t […]

The Cruciform Mind

By David Watson – The longer I study Christian Scripture, the more convinced I am that the Christian mind is a peculiar oddity. Put differently, through what John Wesley called the “ordinances of God” – which include worship, prayer, the Lord’s Supper, the reading of Scripture, and fasting – our habits of mind become different […]

Controversies and Witness

By Jim Ramsay – Immigration, military spending, racial issues, Putin, terrorism, elections. While issues and events have always been part of our lives, perhaps never before have they been as pervasive as they are in this era of immediate and ubiquitous global access. We often look at these issues through the lens of how they […]

Dust to Diamonds

By B.J. Funk – Before there was Adam as a human, there was Adam as dust made up of fine particles of dirt. Only God could have looked at unimportant particles of dirt and seen the potential of a soul hidden within the grey, airy, and even disgusting looking substance. And that God would then […]

I Confess: I Don’t Understand

By Rob Renfroe – I remain confounded as to why the majority of bishops would endorse “The “One Church Plan” as a way to unify the denomination. In a previous editorial, I suggested that one reason is they do not comprehend who we evangelicals are, what we believe, and how deeply we hold those beliefs. […]

Revitalizing British Methodism

By Linda Bloom – With John Wesley’s study chair, Charles Wesley’s organ, and the Museum of Methodism on-site, it would be possible to conclude that Wesley’s Chapel & Leysian Mission in London is stuck in time – the late 18th century, to be exact. That is not the case. While still welcoming visitors who want […]

True Identity

By Steve Beard – “Growing up, we were German,” said Kyle Merker, in a television commercial for “We danced in a German dance group. I wore lederhosen,” he says in a voiceover of him dancing the traditional Bavarian Schuhplattler in his festive German regalia. “When I first got on Ancestry, I was really surprised […]

The Undivided Heart

By Carolyn Moore – Most anyone who has ever held a part-time position in a church will be the first to tell you there is really no such thing as “part-time” in church work. “Part-time” is a carrot they dangle so they can get you on the payroll and soak up every minute of you, […]

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