Rethinking Church in Zimbabwe

By Pricilla Muzerengwa – Traditionally, United Methodists parade through the streets carrying palms on Palm Sunday. Communities would also typically see Christians marching in the early morning on Easter Sunday singing praises of victory. That’s all changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Zimbabwe is on lockdown and everyone is expected to stay at home. As […]

Saved to the Uttermost

By Maxie Dunnam – To be a Christian is to change. It is to become new. It is not simply a matter of choosing a new lifestyle, although that will change. It has to do with being a new person. A new person does not emerge fully formed. Conversion – passing from death to life […]

Remapping Our Wesleyan Future

By Thomas Lambrecht – News that General Conference 2020 has been postponed until sometime in 2021 has thrown the denomination into a temporary limbo regarding a future amicable separation. Beyond question, this was the right decision. With the spreading coronavirus making travel all but impossible, holding General Conference would also have been impossible. We need […]

Wrestling with Budget After GC2020 Postponed

By Heather Hahn – The pandemic-forced postponement of General Conference has left United Methodist financial leaders with big questions about the denomination’s budget. The General Council on Finance and Administration board spent much of a March 27 teleconference grappling with how to act within the bounds of church rules while recognizing the new economic realities […]

Military Chaplains Deployed

By Sam Hodges – The skies were gray. The faithful had to wear masks and keep their distance. But Lt. Cmdr. Genevieve Clark, a United Methodist chaplain in the U.S. Navy, was still able to lead an Easter sunrise service on the flight deck of the USNS Mercy, a hospital ship deployed to Los Angeles […]

Sheltered in Place

By Laurie Drum – As of this writing, I am in my third week of shelter in place in Spain, one of the deadliest of the epicenters of the coronavirus pandemic. Life and circumstances change by the hour nowadays. Such a paradox, to be sitting still and locked in our homes, yet circumstances outside are […]

A Friendship with Oswald

By B.J. Funk – I could safely say that Oswald Chambers and I are friends, having met over forty years ago. He talks to me daily, and even though I don’t understand all he is saying in his book, I always come back the next day to hear him again. These daily chats enrich my […]

Why I Support the Separation Plan

Responses to the proposed plan for separation could hardly be more divergent. Some are shouting “hallelujah” and others are feeling dismissed, even sold out. We need to remember that nothing is final until General Conference has voted. There are several components of the plan I do not like. In particular, I don’t like the perception […]

The Birthdate of Methodism?

By Frank H. Billman – What date would you choose for the birthdate of Methodism? The General Conference of the Methodist Church of England met in 1837 and a committee of preachers and laymen was assembled to put together a celebration of the Centennial, the first hundred years of Methodism. But the first question that […]

The Cross

By Steve Beard – I was in elementary school when I first grasped that the death of Jesus was a big deal. On Good Friday, my mom and dad signed me out of class in time for the noon church service. It was somber and stiff and formal – but I was out of school […]