I Confess: I Don’t Understand

By Rob Renfroe – I remain confounded as to why the majority of bishops would endorse “The “One Church Plan” as a way to unify the denomination. In a previous editorial, I suggested that one reason is they do not comprehend who we evangelicals are, what we believe, and how deeply we hold those beliefs. […]

Revitalizing British Methodism

By Linda Bloom – With John Wesley’s study chair, Charles Wesley’s organ, and the Museum of Methodism on-site, it would be possible to conclude that Wesley’s Chapel & Leysian Mission in London is stuck in time – the late 18th century, to be exact. That is not the case. While still welcoming visitors who want […]

True Identity

By Steve Beard – “Growing up, we were German,” said Kyle Merker, in a television commercial for Ancestry.com. “We danced in a German dance group. I wore lederhosen,” he says in a voiceover of him dancing the traditional Bavarian Schuhplattler in his festive German regalia. “When I first got on Ancestry, I was really surprised […]

The Undivided Heart

By Carolyn Moore – Most anyone who has ever held a part-time position in a church will be the first to tell you there is really no such thing as “part-time” in church work. “Part-time” is a carrot they dangle so they can get you on the payroll and soak up every minute of you, […]

The Limits of Methodism

By Thomas Lambrecht – How progressive can a congregation become before it ceases to be United Methodist? That is the question that progressive Bishop Minerva Carcaño of the California-Nevada Annual Conference has been forced to ask. In June, Carcaño issued an “open letter” to members of her annual conference regarding a confrontation with the leadership […]

Orphans and Mustard Seeds

By Shannon Vowell – When Jesus taught in parables, his metaphors powerfully engaged listeners because they were so often unexpected – even shocking. Many still are. The image of a mustard seed to teach about faith retains its capacity to compel through surprise. Jesus gave a parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard […]

Evangelism Lessons from a West Coast Bishop

By David Watson – Last summer a friend recommended a podcast called “Word on Fire” and I have been a grateful listener ever since. Word on Fire is a podcast that embodies a much-neglected kind of public discourse. Unlike much of the surface conversation we often get in the world of social media, Word on […]

Reflecting God’s Colorful Image

By Courtney Lott – Our God is a very big God. So big and so creative that a single human never could bear his image perfectly. In his vastness, he uses male and female, black and white, smart and simple, single and married to paint as full a picture as possible of his broad and […]

Hope Through Tutoring

By Boyce Bowdon – For nearly a decade, my friends Kate and Barry Miller have served in a remedial reading program their United Methodist church provides for students who attend an inner-city elementary school. Along with about 30 other volunteers, most of whom are also seniors, they help students the school administrators believe are most […]

The One Church Plan?

By Thomas Lambrecht – Now that the report of the Commission on a Way Forward has been made public, United Methodists around the connection are reading the three plans that will be voted upon next February at the 2019 General Conference in St. Louis. In this issue of Good News, I will be analyzing the […]

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