The Roadblocks to Our Future

The United Methodist Church is in trouble. And we have been for a long time. “Mainline churches stand today not merely in a crisis of numbers, but in a deeper crisis of faith. Though often portrayed as a crisis of politics or demographics or moral values or sexuality, it is more profoundly a crisis of […]

Whiners, Blamers, and Complainers

Wonder if God ever thinks about adding a P.S. to the Ten Commandments, preceded by one simple explanation: “Since I already know you won’t obey these Ten, try this one: P.S. Get over yourself!”  Some of the phrases that attach to that statement, like ribbons flying behind a kite, are Me first, My way, Notice […]

Sharing Christ With Your Neighbor

By Frank Decker – When we lived in West Africa I used to meet on Tuesday afternoons with a young Muslim fellow, Habib.  After a few months he became deeply drawn to the person of Jesus, and this became apparent to his older brother (who was also his boss). As a result, Habib was subjected […]

Letters to the Editor: July/August 2014

Down the path I am an orthodox Episcopalian. You are starting down the path we have trod. The revisionists in your church will never stop until they win. They will freely ignore all discipline until they are in control and then when they can make the rules they will make them in their favor and […]

Issues That Divide

After enduring the controversy (and a trial) over clergy performing same-sex marriages, events within The United Methodist Church recently turned to other aspects of the church’s moral teachings on sexuality. Judicial Council decisions and annual conference actions focused on benefits for same-sex partners and whether self-avowed practicing homosexuals could be ordained or appointed as clergy. […]

Eternity on a Sidewalk

When we are born we bear the seeds of blight; Around us life & death are torn apart; Yet a great ring of pure and endless light; Dazzles the darkness in my heart. Sometimes poets drive me nuts. Despite my best efforts, poetry is not my first language. Nevertheless, my heart melts when the poetic […]

Aldersgate Covenant Event Calls on Holy Spirit

By Amy Forbus – “I have never been to a United Methodist meeting like this.” That was a commonly heard, positive statement among the more than 160 people who attended Gathering of the Aldersgate Covenant May 16-17 at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas. Twenty years ago, the first Aldersgate Covenant […]

Repentance and John Wesley

By Isaac Hopper – Repentance isn’t a word that is often used outside of the church. It carries little to no meaning for those who aren’t familiar with the “insider” language of sermons and worship songs. Even within the church, it’s a word that is used carefully and seriously because it’s a word that carries […]

How We Die

By Elizabeth Glass Turner – I was 32 years old when a woman took my advice on how to die. Sitting in her low living room banked with windows that overlooked butterfly-laden bushes, I watched her shallow breaths. She had lost strength and energy: her frame seemed diminished, as if her soul were clinging to […]

Plans For a Methodist Future

By Walter B. Fenton – This spring at least four broadly conceived plans have been proposed for the future of The United Methodist Church. The most controversial of the four, a proposal to consider amicable separation, was put forward by a group of large church pastors and theologians. For reasons connected to, but also separately […]

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