Failure of Leadership

By Rob Renfroe – The United Methodist Church gave the Council of Bishops two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to come up with a new solution that would stop our fighting and allow us to move forward focused on our mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ. Unbelievably, the best it could come […]

616 African University Students Graduate

By Eveline Chikwanah – MUTARE, ZIMBABWE (UMNS)  A top executive of Boeing challenged the 616 Africa University graduates from 21 countries to go forth and become exemplary leaders. “Our world is in need of good principled leaders like yourself. Every good leader worked hard, took risks, and treated others with respect,” said Timothy Keating, executive […]

Living Aloha

By Steve Beard – In a box of 64 crayons, there are 11 shades of blue. When looking out upon the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean crashing on the beach in Hawaii, it seems like there might be even more. It is one of the many marvels that help explain the magnetism and grandeur […]

The Words of Life

By Walter Fenton – John Wesley, like many eighteenth-century Church of England clergy, had a very high view of Scripture. He understood how the early church was profoundly shaped by it and how it in turn shaped the Christian canon of Scripture. Wesley, like many of his contemporaries, believed the Holy Spirit was powerfully at […]

Outwitted By God

By James V. Heidinger II – Maxie Dunnam was reluctant to write God Outwitted Me: The Stories of my Life (Seedbed). He feared it might appear self-serving. And after all, he had already written some 40 books and felt that he had told the stories about his life as he was living it. While he […]

Thinking Through Miracles

By Craig Keener – So as to disclose my perspective up front, I believe in miracles. In 2011, I published a two-volume scholarly work called Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts (Baker Academic). When Good News asked me to review Lee Strobel’s new book, The Case for Miracles: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for […]

Leadership or Manipulation

By Thomas Lambrecht – The bishops have been asked to lead. Apparently, to some bishops that means strong-arming a progressive agenda that has already been rejected by a previous General Conference. In its May gathering, the Council of Bishops – behind closed doors – affirmed by a clear majority that it will recommend the “One […]

In Defense of the Holy Trinity

By Justus H. Hunter – In the week leading up to Trinity Sunday, the Rev. Richard Lowell Bryant of North Carolina published an argument raising several criticisms of the doctrine of the Trinity. “There is no such thing as the Holy Trinity,” he provocatively begins. “Trinity Sunday, far from being something to be celebrated, looks […]

Why is UMW Declining?

By Katy Kiser – In 1973, Response magazine, the official publication for the United Methodist Women (UMW), claimed the organization had 1.5 million members. Since that time, membership in UMW has declined at an alarming rate. In 2012, the Women’s Division was granted independence from the General Board of Global Mission – and became the […]

Why Read Great Books?

By Philip Tallon –  In the last book of The Iliad, Priam, king of the Trojans, leaves the walls of his city to retrieve the body of his beloved son, Hektor. Under the protection of Hermes, the aged king makes a dangerous odyssey from Troy to the camp of the very Greeks who have been […]