Stories Worth Telling

By George Mitrovich – Pastors are not publicists; they are called to preach, to craft sermons not press releases. That’s a given, but therein lies a problem. Despite the lack of ambiguity in Matthew 5:15, the great majority of preachers have neither written nor circulated a press release; and almost certainly never called a news […]

Trial and Consequence

By Karen Booth and Thomas A. Lambrecht – The beautiful, wooded hills of eastern Pennsylvania were the site of an unusual and painful experience — the trial of Rev. Frank Schaefer for violating The United Methodist Church’s ban on performing same-sex weddings. The Rev. Schaefer performed the wedding of his son, Tim, and another man […]

John Wesley and Missions

By Jim Ramsey – “The world is my parish.” This well-known quote of John Wesley, founder of Methodism, demonstrates his understanding that ministry should never be provincialized. Beyond that, we don’t often give a lot of thought to Wesley and missions since he did not write extensively on the topic of international missions. He himself […]

Letters to the Editor – January/February 2014

Scripture is our authority I certainly agree that what Bishop Talbert has done is an abomination. I also agree with Rob Renfroe that disciplinary action must be taken (“Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett Deserves Better. And So Do We.”). However, I am disappointed the neither Mr. Renfroe nor the Council of Bishops included Scripture in their statements. […]

Book Review: The Class Meeting

Reviewed by Chad Brooks – The early Methodist revival was fast moving and organized behind a single purpose of saving people into a radical and transformed life with Jesus Christ and characterized by holy love. Highly organized (hence the name Methodist), one of its primary forces was the class meeting. These small groups played a […]

When Jealous Anger Invades Your Family

By B.J. Funk – You’ve been there. If not, you will be one day. A family member crashes in on your long-enjoyed party of family happiness and brings pain that leaves your head spinning. You never saw it coming. After all, this is your family! Suddenly, without warning, you are caught in a web of […]

Good News Leaders Discuss Schaefer Verdict

Good News Leaders Discuss Council of Bishops and Schaefer Verdict Good News President Rob Renfroe and Vice President Tom Lambrecht discuss the verdict and penalty issued to the Rev. Frank Schaefer in a trial concluded November 19, 2013, for performing the same-sex wedding of his son in violation of the order and discipline of The […]

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