Church mourns Ebola death of surgeon

By Kathy L. Gilbert – The Sierra Leone United Methodist Conference is in shock over the death of Dr. Martin Salia from Ebola. Salia, who was the chief medical officer and only surgeon at United Methodist Kissy Hospital, died after he was airlifted to the United States for treatment. “We are trying to come to […]

Authentic Discipleship

By  Max Wilkins – “Is there anywhere in the world that you see a rapidly growing, authentically Wesleyan discipleship movement?” I was surprised by the question during a recent trip to Peru. After all, The Mission Society exists “to mobilize and deploy the Body of Christ to join Jesus in his mission,” and the mission […]

Heart Gifts

By B.J. Funk – Here’s a Valentine riddle for you. My daddy gave my sister and me the same gift every day of the year. It was never wrapped. What was it? If you guessed “Love,” you would be only partially correct. Let me explain. I don’t know my mama’s secret. If I did, I […]

Louis Zamperini: The Unbroken Man

The bedtime stories Luke Zamperini’s father told him were different than what most kids hear. Louis Zamperini would tell his son about the time he placed 8th in the 5,000 meter dash at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He would talk about the time he stole a Nazi flag from the well-guarded Reich Chancellery. He would […]

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