Episcopal Oversight

Many of you who read my editorials are pastors of a local church as I am. Imagine this scenario. One hundred of your most committed and loyal members write you a letter. You know they love your church. Most of them have been members for decades. They serve faithfully in your congregation’s ministries and they […]

New voice for UM scholars

By Stephen Rankin – “With all the renewal and caucus groups in United Methodism already, why the need for one more, especially one called United Methodist Scholars for Christian Orthodoxy (UMSCO)? Who are you people and what is your deal?” We can imagine someone asking these questions and we take them seriously as we start […]

Rumors of Miracles

By Craig Keener – In his journal for December 15, 1742, John Wesley reports that he and a Mr. Meyrick both fell sick. But while Wesley recovered, Meyrick declined. On Christmas Day, Meyrick appeared to be dead. However, as Wesley and others cried out to God, Meyrick regained consciousness and then began to regain strength. […]

Holy Spirit Fuels Renewal

By David F. Watson – God is alive. God is living, active, and powerful, at work in your life and mine at this very moment. From the earliest days of the Church, the Holy Spirit has been present in signs and wonders, the working of miracles, healings, inspired speech, and our liturgical life. God did […]

The Vulnerable God

By Kenneth Tanner – On a wall in the chapel of the Saint Catherine’s Monastery, a remote wilderness abbey at the base of Mount Sinai in Egypt, hangs an icon. It’s not a poster of Brad Pitt or a reproduction of the Apple or Microsoft logo. This is a religious icon, perhaps the oldest in […]

Lessons from Mozambique

By Wendy J. Deichmann – In my wildest dreams I did not imagine I would experience firsthand what I saw, heard, and felt in Mozambique. I had to conclude one of two possibilities. Either God is intervening dramatically in this place among the wonderful people we visited or the whole thing is a fabulous performance […]

The Sovereignty of God

By Jerry Walls – The sovereignty of God is a vitally important truth Wesleyans badly need to recover. This is not only because it is crucial for understanding the biblical drama, but also because many Wesleyans have tended to neglect it because Calvinists often give the impression that it is one of their distinctive doctrines. […]

Difference Makers

By Randy Jessen – Change and revolution filled the air as the world was being reshaped in 1989. Old ways were coming to a close as the fresh wind of freedom began to move across our globe. The Soviet Union was being transformed, the Berlin Wall was pounded into submission, and the Communist governments of […]

Preacher’s Kid Finds God in Prison

By Boyce Bowdon – “I grew up in a Christian home and my father was a preacher,” said Aaron Cosar, “but I didn’t believe God loved me until I was in prison serving a life sentence for murder.” During a recent interview, Cosar told me there was a time when he believed God was like […]

No Sign of Unity Based on Integrity

This past fall was a time of much activity in the realm of United Methodist officialdom. Within a three-week period, the Judicial Council, Council of Bishops, and Connectional Table all met. In its own way, each group’s actions contributed to a changing course for United Methodism. Judicial Council decisions. The impact of a variety of […]

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