A Voice, Not an Echo

By Rob Renfroe- Shortly after the General Conference in 2012 reaffirmed our biblical position on marriage and sexuality, one of our most progressive bishops wrote: “Delegates from Africa once again proclaimed that their anti-homosexual stand was what U.S. missionaries taught them. I sat there wondering when our African delegates will grow up. It has been […]

Helen Rhea Stumbo Receives Renewal Award

By Walter Fenton- The Good News Board of Directors bestowed the Ed Robb Jr. United Methodist Renewal Award on Helen Rhea (Luce) Stumbo of Fort Valley, Georgia. The award is presented to a clergy or layperson that has clearly demonstrated his or her dedication to the renewal of the UM Church. It is named after […]

Saxophone Sermon

By Steve Beard- It is one thing to listen to John Coltrane’s album A Love Supreme – and it is completely another event to hear the art behind the notes. Jazz is like that. It’s an acquired taste. With no shame, I readily admit that it took many, many listens before I actually heard Coltrane. […]

African Bishops Challenge Their Colleagues

By Walter Fenton- Six months before United Methodists from all around the globe gather in Portland for the 2016 General Conference, the bishops in Africa released a statement calling on all UM bishops to fulfill “their shepherding responsibility (1 Peter 5:2-4)” regarding the church’s teachings on marriage and sexuality. The November 3 statement – also […]

The Narrative of Evil

By Elizabeth Glass Turner- Where haute couture fashion houses dominate and the Mona Lisa smiles, where the Notre Dame cathedral towers with long-held cultural memories of a famed hunchback and the Eiffel Tower beckons to retainer-wearing junior high tourists, where Rick and Ilsa looked out as the Nazis rolled in. What is the true narrative […]

Relearning the Scriptural Story

By Brian D. Russell- “All the world’s a stage / And all the men and women merely players / They have their exits and their entrances / And one man in his time plays many parts / His acts being seven ages.” –William Shakespeare, “As You Like It” These words remind us that our lives are […]

New Life in Garbage city

By Courtney Lott- We were told not to open the windows. Secretly, I was glad because I could practically see the smell. For two days already I had toured Egypt. While I was enthralled by the sheer size of the Pyramids, amazed at the artistry of the Sphinx, and baffled by the detail of the […]

Book Review: Mother Maggie

By Courtney Lott- She is known as the Mother Teresa of Egypt, but it’s unlikely you have heard of her. A once successful marketing executive, recognized for her fashionable clothing and wit, Maggie Groban gave up glamour and comfort to serve the poor in Egypt. The book Mama Maggie, written by Marty Makary and Ellen […]

Luther’s Legacy

By Heather Hahn- They each had their faith shaken in a powerful storm. During a dark night of the soul, they both found assurance of God’s grace in a reading of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. Those are just two similarities in the life stories of John Wesley, Methodism’s founder, and Martin Luther, arguably the […]

In memory of three friends

By James V. Heidinger II- In a unique twist of God’s timing, I lost three close friends in ministry at the beginning of November. The Rev. Virgil Maybray, Don Shell, and Dr. Ellsworth Kalas were all in their 90s and died within nearly a week of one another. Each played a very important role in my […]

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