45 Years of Vision for Renewal and Reform

By James V. Heidinger II The first issue of Good News magazine was published in 1967. Charles W. Keysor, a Methodist pastor in Elgin, Illinois, published the first issue of the digest-size magazine for Methodist evangelicals out of the basement of his parsonage. At the suggestion of his wife, Marge, he called it Good News. […]

The Legacy of Theological Liberalism

By James V. Heidinger II Recently a pastor wrote in a conference paper a defense of United Methodism’s being a “liberal” denomination. He insisted the “L-word” was not bad. For support he cited Webster’s Dictionary which defined liberal as “generous, openhanded, broad-minded, etc.” Such shallow thinking compels us to look again at theological liberalism to […]

Your Life, God’s Gift

By Rob Renfroe We Christians believe the most remarkable things. Incredible things, really. We believe that God exists. That’s our most important belief. But it’s not the most surprising or incredible. We believe that God came to earth. We believe that he came to earth as a human being. We believe that as a human […]

Why I Remain a United Methodist

By James V. Heidinger II Each week, word comes of persons who have decided to leave The United Methodist Church and it’s happening too frequently across the church. Sadly, many who leave have been lifetime United Methodists. They have served, given, prayed, attended, struggled, endured, become discouraged, and finally given up. With heavy hearts they […]

Believe, Experience, Grow

By Rob Renfroe The bad news, as you know, is that the United Methodist Church is declining. Membership, attendance, and giving have all decreased. In fact, membership in the United States is at its lowest point since The Evangelical United Brethren and The Methodist Church merged in 1968. The good news is that many of […]

What We Believe: The Junaluska Affirmation

The Board of Directors of Good News adopted the following theological statement during a gathering at Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, in October 1975. Preamble In a time of theological pluralism, Good News and other evangelicals within United Methodism have thought it necessary to reaffirm the historic faith of the Church. Our theological understanding of this […]

Speaking the Truth in Love

By Rob Renfroe The Apostle John introduces us to the beautiful life of Jesus with words that are at the same time simple and profound: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Later in chapter one, he writes: “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling […]

Methodism’s Silent Minority

By Charles W. Keysor, Founding editor of Good News Within The Methodist Church in the United States is a silent minority group. It is not represented in the higher councils of the church. Its members seem to have little influence in Nashville, Evanston, or on Riverside Drive. Its concepts are often abhorrent to Methodist officialdom […]

Deeper Issues Facing United Methodism

By Rob Renfroe Whenever a therapist listens to a hurting family, there are always presenting issues and the deeper issues. Fourteen-year-old Timmy is cutting class and piercing body parts, and sixteen-year-old Suzy is not coming home at night and when she does, there’s alcohol on her breath. The parents say to the counselor, “Timmy’s the […]

The Good News Mission

Good News has been an independent, evangelical voice within The United Methodist Church since 1967. From the outset, we have been a community of believers who have a passion to see our denomination renewed. As a movement, Good News has been a beacon of hope to traditional United Methodists by urging the church to be […]

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