Good News Response to Council of Bishops Statement

Good News, a renewal and reform ministry working within The United Methodist Church, applauds the statement issued today by the Council of Bishops in response to the same-sex union service performed by Bishop Melvin Talbert on October 26 in Birmingham, Alabama. We view the statement as an implied rebuke of Bishop Talbert’s actions. The fact […]

Good News response to an open letter from Dr. Thomas Frank

In an open letter to the Council of Bishops, Dr. Thomas Frank, a United Methodist historian, calls upon the bishops to refrain from processing any more complaints against pastors for performing same-sex unions or weddings.  He proposes that no more trials be held in such situations, and that “if we are to find unity in […]

News Analysis: Split decisions at the Judicial Council

The Judicial Council met recently to consider a long list of cases posed by various annual conferences.  I have given a more complete description of the cases Good News was following HERE.  The Council made two important decisions that went in favor of the traditionalist perspective and two with which we disagreed. Questions of Law […]

Judicial Council to Consider Homosexuality Resolutions

At its meeting in late October, the United Methodist Judicial Council was scheduled to consider 17 cases involving church law and the Book of Discipline. Five of these cases involve important actions related to the ongoing controversy within United Methodism over homosexuality. The resolutions and actions in question are part of a coordinated strategy by […]

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