Editorial: Exasperation and Frustration in Tampa

By Rob Renfroe
Bring 1000 delegates together from all over the world. Spend more than $8 million. And meet for nearly two weeks and what do you get? Not much. General Conference 2012 will be remembered as the time that The United Methodist Church admitted many of its problems, stood on the threshold of opportunity, and failed to do anything about it.

Editorial: A prayer for a problem unseen

By Rob Renfroe
As you can imagine, everyone has their concerns. The boards are worried that they will lose much of their autonomy (and their budgets). Others are hesitant because they suspect that with a smaller board of directors there will not be proportional ethnic and gender representation. Others fear that having a bishop as the denomination’s “CEO” will put too much power in the hands of the Episcopacy. Pardon me, if I repeat Mr. Chesterton. “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It’s that they can’t see the problem.”

Editorial: When progress isn’t

By Rob Renfroe
In Surprised By Joy, C.S. Lewis writes about “chronological snobbery.” It’s the conviction that when matters before us are moral or spiritual or theological in nature, the most modern beliefs are the most correct beliefs. It’s an elitist approach to history and to knowledge, denying the wisdom of the ancients because we are certain that “the latest is always the greatest.”

Editorial: Facing Up

By Rob Renfroe

We’re about to find out if we have any face boys.

In 1936 the Olympic Games were held in Berlin. Hitler intended to use them to showcase the glory of the Third Reich and the supremacy of the Aryan Race. Sparing no expense, Hitler constructed imposing stadiums, all adorned with swastikas. He attended the games in military dress and was hailed with the Nazi salute.

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